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Biden Confirmed By Electoral College Vote

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A Battle Cry

It's Time for Leadership Hitler could have said, in the moment before he committed suicide, "Well, I won!"

Joe Biden’s Checkered History Of Plagiarism and Education Lies (PODCAST)

Joe Biden's Plagiarism And Lies Joe Biden is no stranger to lying. In fact I discussed that on the very first podcast I launched with...

My Weapon is a Melody

Today was another big day for the Trump team. For weeks the world has been hearing the same phrase repeated over and over “there was no evidence of fraud.” We know without a doubt that is not an accurate statement.

Your Odds Are Better At Blackjack Than A Dominion Voting Machine

It is a terribly sad day when Americans have better odds at a casino than they do at their local polling station!

Election Fraud Makes this a Turning Point for the USA

With so much evidence of election fraud coming in, this is clearly an attack on our Republic.  There are lots of foot...

If You Voted For Joe Biden You Better Own It

      If you cast a legal vote for Joe Biden then so be it.  I want you to know...

Biased Election Reporting

In a prime example of the legacy media's biased election reporting, CNN's Brianna Keilar put out an almost 9 minute video...

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Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?

A Cure For Covid-19 Will history give credit to Biden for Trump's rollout...
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Great American Race Game – Afterthoughts of a Question to the Director

Last week we reported on the release of a new documentary film - Great American Race Game....

Where were you during the trial of the century?

I was a child, so my understanding of the trial was limited. I was annoyed daily because...

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