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There Is An Ideological Civil War In America And Conservatives Are Losing

America is in an ideological civil war and conservatives are losing! 'Wokeism' and 'cancel culture' are being propagated at break neck speed. We see and hear it on our television screens, on the internet, in magazines, on billboards, and out of Washington D.C.

The Lincoln Project Racket

The Lincoln Project was supposedly set up to get GOP voters that voted for Trump in 2016 to vote for Joe Biden in 2020. Turns out it was a financial Ponzi scheme with some other underlying sin that has been exposed.

ANTIFA Is More Than An Idea! Aaron Danielson’s Life Mattered

Antifa is more than 'idea' as Joe Biden has stated. Aaron Danielson was execute on the street in Portland, Oregon in the late summer of 2020 by an ANTIFA loyalist. The liberal lies are stacking up.

Government Spending Is A Disease With No Cure In Sight

Government spending is out of control. There seems to be no rescue in sight. The disease is no respecter of politician. It affects both Democrats and Republicans alike. The collapse is coming. It could be sooner rather than later.

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Settling Tensions Within The GOP Establishment Between Populist Conservatives And Social Conservatives

A recent announcement and subsequent post on Breitbart proclaiming Caitlin Jenner’s Gubernatorial bid against Gabardine Gavin Newsom...

Police Nationwide Adopt New Policy to Call Lebron James During Knife Fights

Great news! Say goodbye to police brutality! Finally, someone has solved...

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Legal Battles and the #Kraken

The people that put these systems into place should be tried for their crimes. We hope Powell is able to prove her case.

The White House Without Trump

You can call me names for the...