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Shawn Waugh

Shawn is the founder of 'On The Level'. Contributor to the Daily Caller and 'American Greatness.' He is a practicing Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery. He is married to Jade and they have 5 children. He also hosts a weekly Christian radio program on Grace Life Radio called 'Word For America'.
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Resurrecting ‘Common Sense’ Thomas Paine Style

Thomas Paine wrote 'Common Sense' in 1776. He called for America to separate herself from from England. He reasoned using basic logic and common sense and believed it was undoubtedly the correct thing to do. America followed that course and initially was better off for it. However, with time, she has rebounded back into a tyrannical like state that will take some boldness from citizens and politicians alike to revert course.

Kyle Rittenhouse Could Be The Next Nick Sandmann

Undoubtedly you have heard of Kyle Rittenhouse and his troubles in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Do you remember Nick Sandmann? CNN and the Washington Post certainly do. In January 2020, CNN reached an undisclosed settlement with the former Covington Catholic High School student. Sandmann had sued the network for defamation after the network falsely portrayed his actions at a 2019 March For Life rally in Washington, D.C. His attorneys asked for $275 million.

President Biden’s ‘100 Days of Masking’ Has Came and Went: What’s Next?

At the beginning of his term, President Biden asked for universal masking for 100 days. It's now came and went. Is he ready to tell every American to ditch the face diapers?What's next?

Woke Medicine Destroys The Hippocratic Oath

Wokeness has infiltrated every corner of society. It is now entering the world of medicine. By medical practitioners buying into the psychological disease of wokeness they are breaking their Hippocratic Oath and Civil Rights amendments.

There Is An Ideological Civil War In America And Conservatives Are Losing

America is in an ideological civil war and conservatives are losing! 'Wokeism' and 'cancel culture' are being propagated at break neck speed. We see and hear it on our television screens, on the internet, in magazines, on billboards, and out of Washington D.C.

The Liberal Left Mantra Mentality: Viral Buzzwords (Part 3)

PODCAST + COLUMN: Liberals are masters at creating viral buzzwords used as mantras to condition their followers to repeat without thought. This is the final segment of a 3 part series of columns that discusses some of the most prominent leftist viral buzzwords.

The Liberal Left Mantra Mentality: Viral Buzzwords (Part 1)

Liberals are masters at creating viral buzzwords used as mantras to condition their followers to repeat without thought. This is the first of a series of columns that will cover some of the most prominent leftist viral buzzwords.

The Lincoln Project Racket

The Lincoln Project was supposedly set up to get GOP voters that voted for Trump in 2016 to vote for Joe Biden in 2020. Turns out it was a financial Ponzi scheme with some other underlying sin that has been exposed.

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AI Tech Unleashed on Humanity in Shots and Boosters

It's starting to make sense now, why...

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist with a master’s degree in statistics, gained worldwide recognition toward the end of 2021, when he presented the concept of “mass formation” as an explanation for the absurd and irrational behavior we were seeing with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures. He also warned that mass formation gives rise to totalitarianism, which is the topic of his new book, "The Psychology of Totalitarianism." Desmet’s work was further popularized by Dr. Robert Malone, whose appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast was viewed by about 50 million people. But as the search term “mass formation” exploded in popularity, Google responded by manipulating the search engine results in an attempt to discredit Desmet and show people in their search results information that would cause them to discount the importance of this work. Why? Because Google is at the core of the global cabal and movement toward totalitarianism.
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