Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Here’s what Poland can teach the west about DEMOCRACY

A tale of two different worlds - as a new round of #blm protests has begun in #Minneapolis following the Police defending...

This stimulus bill is an INSULT to every tax-paying American

#Congress has finally agreed on the #stimulus bill, now that Donald #Trump will not benefit from it politically. Frankly, its insulting. Millions...

Trump candidates on track to SMASH progressives in Georgia senate

The future of the nation lies in #Georgia - Kelly #Loeffler and David #Perdue for the #Republicans are the only thing that...

A liberal HELLHOLE! Judge releases 1,800 VIOLENT criminals

A #Californa judge has ordered the release of 1800 violent prisoners in #OrangeCounty - that's 1800 criminals prowling the streets and preying...

Minneapolis councilmen SEVER TIES with BLM after HUGE crime spikes

With crime spiking in #Minneapolis and criminals having free reign on the streets, people are starting to think if the $8 million cuts to policing might be to blame. Scared, members of the City Council who put the #defund movement into action in the first place have begun to deny they were ever a part of it.

Radical left enact plans to OVERTHROW Democrat leadership

#AOC has revealed her ambition to replace the Democrat party leadership with figures who will promote her radical left agenda. Trump warnings...

Forensic Analysis of Dominion Voting Machines – SHOCKING Revalations

As Governor Cuomo reels as 'progressive activists' accuse him of sexual harassment, an EXPLOSIVE new report into #Dominion has revealed ASTONISHING information that will shake you to the core. INVESTIGATE!

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The Republican Party Needs a Culture Change

Remember last week when President Donald J....

Rules for Non-Radicals

Rules for Non-Radicalsby Mark Urso
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