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Patriot Fight Back

The Patriot Fightback was set up in mid-October 2020 by two proud British Patriots to combat the mainstream, fake news media and fight their globalist, liberal agenda. For far too long we have allowed these worldwide news outlets to shepherd the sheep, lie and twist events.
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Tomorrow, Wednesday January 20th, 2021 is a day that will be forever etched in US and world politics history , whatever happens...


It's been 10 days since President Trump called for his supporters to "Peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard", resulting in the...

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AI Tech Unleashed on Humanity in Shots and Boosters

It's starting to make sense now, why...

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist with a master’s degree in statistics, gained worldwide recognition toward the end of 2021, when he presented the concept of “mass formation” as an explanation for the absurd and irrational behavior we were seeing with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures. He also warned that mass formation gives rise to totalitarianism, which is the topic of his new book, "The Psychology of Totalitarianism." Desmet’s work was further popularized by Dr. Robert Malone, whose appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast was viewed by about 50 million people. But as the search term “mass formation” exploded in popularity, Google responded by manipulating the search engine results in an attempt to discredit Desmet and show people in their search results information that would cause them to discount the importance of this work. Why? Because Google is at the core of the global cabal and movement toward totalitarianism.
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