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Mark Urso

Mark Urso is a journalist and musician who studied at Portsmouth Abbey and Boston College. For 22 years he operated radio stations, writing and presenting local news on-air, and scouting talent as an FM Program Director. He has won awards in Sales for his B2B work in Internet services. Mark contributes at and (where he's written over 500 articles) and has garnered 1.7 million Quora article views.
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Police Nationwide Adopt New Policy to Call Lebron James During Knife Fights

Great news! Say goodbye to police brutality! Finally, someone has solved the problem.

The Truth is Sizzling on Twitter

This won't take long. My friend Sean has the President on his talk show in a half-hour (Hannity), and I want to...

Will History Give Credit to Biden for Trump’s Rollout of the Vaccine and Operation Warp Speed?

A Cure For Covid-19 Will history give credit to Biden for Trump's rollout of the vaccine and operation...

Joe Biden is a Global Embarrassment

Fake US President Joe Biden is a Global Embarrassment Joe Biden came to the Senate 120 years-ago.

Joe Biden Talks Sports … Not Really

Biden on ESPN Joe Biden shared his viewpoints on controversy in sports, especially women's sports, during a recent...

The Greatest President in US History Launches Two Major Websites

Donald Trump, The Greatest President in US History The website Disrn announces today "Donald and Melania Trump launch...

Cheaters, Ignorance and Apathy; the New America

Nobody Cares Yes, I'm talking to you! Do you care?

Saturday Night Live Sucks a Little Less, as the Popular Show Roasts Liberal Governors

The Mess Setup How much of a mess can people make, that others will ignore? At what point...

Must read

FDA Departures Spell Big Trouble

The FDA is the regulatory agency in...

COVID TRIVIA – Answer 10 Questions Correctly and Win a Million Dollars!

Host: “John Henry Pfizariosa, can you answer...
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