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Jared is a US Army Veteran, a proud conservative, and co-founder of the Freedom First Press. @freedomfirstpress on Parler. The last name is borrowed!
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Unanswered Questions – Loeffler and Warnock Debate

When asked if he would add justices to the supreme court, Reverend Warnock completely ignored the question and asserted that Senator Loeffler voted to defund the police.

Ossoff Loses Debate to Empty Podium.

Senator Perdue calculated correctly, the people of Georgia already know who he is. They didn't know much about who Jon Ossoff is. They found out this evening that he is prepared to be one of the hard-left progressives that only win elections in places like New York's 14th district or Minnesota's 5th District.

The Countless Victims of Government Lockdowns

Across the nation, countless victims of oppressive lockdown policies are crying out for help. Democrats aren't listening.

Sidney Powell’s Legal Team Files Case in Georgia

The Powell Team name Brian Kemp, Georgia's Governor, and several election officials as defendants in the case filed in the Northern District...

Masks and Lockdowns Don’t Work.

With the holidays coming up, mayors and governors around the country are tightening up restrictive measures meant to stop the spread of...

Tactical Thinking – Our Rights Moving Forward

With respect to the ongoing legal battles regarding the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, conservatives have to come to terms with...

Legal Battles and the #Kraken

The people that put these systems into place should be tried for their crimes. We hope Powell is able to prove her case.

#StopTheSteal – Trump Voters Will Not Be Silenced

I was looking up on google this afternoon and was shocked at what I found. For those that haven't visited the...

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