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Jared is a US Army Veteran, a proud conservative, and co-founder of the Freedom First Press. @freedomfirstpress on Parler. The last name is borrowed!
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The White House Without Trump

You can call me names for the headline. Understood. Concede nothing. I hope that Trump remains in the White House, but if...

Will Warnock Concede?

With the pivotal Georgia runoff elections slated to take place on January the 5th, Raphael Warnock is running behind.

Do All Americans Need a Stimulus Check?

On Sunday, President Trump reluctantly signed a $900 billion stimulus relief package which was filled with unrelated spending of taxpayer dollars. The...

NC Governor Orders Liquor To-Go

With Christmas coming up, North Carolina along with many states are tightening the rules on how free Americans can celebrate with their...

President Trump Rejects Pork-Filled “Stimulus” Bill

President Trump announces this evening that he will reject the Covid-19 relief bill named by many on Twitter as the #Porkulus. As...

New York Times Credits Biden Transition Team with Stimulus Package

Sunday evening, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced their agreement upon a $900 billion stimulus package. Included...

Biden Policies Popular with Socialists, but not Most Americans

Joe Biden has become popular with democratic socialists. A survey released by Rasmussen Reports shows he is more popular among socialists than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a self-described socialist. Despite reportedly winning the popular vote in the contested presidential election, most Americans don’t seem to agree with Biden’s policy ideas.

Sleeping Giant – The Patriot Party

If you feel you have to call your congressman before they will take action in supporting President Donald Trump, your congressional representative should be replaced.

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