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We are a husband and wife writing team based out of Arizona. We are hoping to bring a more balanced perspective into the media and cultural discussion. Him – Sports Analysis, Entertainment Reviews, Lakers Fan Her – Politics, Apologetics, Parenting, and Inspiration
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My Weapon is a Melody

Today was another big day for the Trump team. For weeks the world has been hearing the same phrase repeated over and over “there was no evidence of fraud.” We know without a doubt that is not an accurate statement.

We officially have a contested election

This is great news for anyone who loves our Republic. Americans will get the opportunity over the next few weeks to further...

Racial Disparities: Separating Fact From Fiction

The progressive left has been quick to offer their brand of history to explain what we are seeing.

CRT – The Watchman’s Sound

Does critical race theory impact you today? When I was growing up the pastors were sounding the alarm about...

Must read

What’s Next After Covid-19?

Thought leaders are starting to look at...

Desantis Signs Pro Women’s Sports Bill

The bill, deemed the “Fairness in Women’s...
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