AI Tech Unleashed on Humanity in Shots and Boosters

Self-Assembling Human Network
Patented Human Networks with 5G Technology

It’s starting to make sense now, why we were coerced into taking “vaccines” and “boosters” that do not prevent disease. Since 2020, we’ve been bombarded with the largest government funded media campaign in the history of the world to coerce and shame everyone to take injection after injection. The shots were promoted as life-saving to prevent deadly Covid-19 disease. In actuality, what is called “Covid-19” has over 99% survivability without any shots whatsoever. But I digress.

Could this pandemic have actually been a cover up to conceal really been going on?

Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston uncovers actual US patents belonging to Moderna, the vaccine maker, from before the Covid pandemic for man-made “Spike Proteins” in “intelligent” hydrogel encapsulated in “lipid nanoparticles” to be injected into humans. This in concert with 5G technology can be used to remotely control humans or even trigger a “kill switch”.

Watch this interview by Mike Adams, Health Ranger of Biotech Analyst / Researcher Karen Kingston.

I’m not even sure a sci-fi fiction writer could come up with a script so evil as this, as they would seek to make their story for where the good guys win in the end. With what we are facing, it’s a stretch to the imagination that the “good guys” can win this battle with such overwhelming odds. The first step is to wake up to what the military / big pharma complex has been up to.

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