COVID TRIVIA – Answer 10 Questions Correctly and Win a Million Dollars!


Host: “John Henry Pfizariosa, can you answer these 10 questions correctly in 60 seconds and win $1,000,000?”

Mr. Pfizariosa “Yes let’s do it!”

Host: “Ok let’s begin – Starting… NOW:”

  1.  Q: When you ask your doctor if there are any treatments for COVID-19, what does he or she say?
    • A: I don’t know
    • Correct!  Generally, doctors have no medical recommendations for those who get COVID-19 other than to stay home and rest and hope you get better.  About 99.7% of people do get better unless they have extra risk factors like obesity, cancer, or advanced age. Kids almost never get sick with COVID, and they don’t spread it either.
  2. Q: When you ask your doctor about Ivermectin, what does he / she say?
    • A: Hmm, I heard that’s for cows and horses
    • Correct!  Most doctors are not knowledgeable about studies that show Ivermectin is extremely effective at reducing the viral load for COVID-19 patients. They are also restricted by their employers from going off the deadly protocol currently in use by most hospitals.
  3. Q: When Rand Paul asked Dr. Fauci if he funded gain of function studies for SARS Cov 2 at the Wuhan Lab in China, what did he say?
    • A: I don’t know what you’re talking about
    • Close Enough! – Dr. Fauci told Dr. Rand Paul “YOU” don’t know what you’re talking about.
  4. Q: What are the short-term side effects of getting a COVID-19 vaccine?
    • A: Side effects? I didn’t hear about any Side Effects…
    • Correct!  The insert card with the vaccine is blank.  But the VAERS database maintained by the CDC has records over 1.2 million people having serious side effects shortly after getting vaccinated for COVID. Over 12,000 deaths with minutes up to a month from vaccination have been reported. The UK database has many more.  Typically, vaccines are pulled from the market by the FDA if 10 people or more die from the vaccine.
  • Q: What are the long-term effects of getting a COVID-19 Vaccine?
    • A:  I haven’t got a clue.
    • Correct!  There have been no long-term studies into the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines – those take years to complete.  Nobody knows with these RNA “vaccines” what the long-term side effects are.
  • Q: Are you protected by wearing a mask while standing or walking in a restaurant, but by sitting you are safe to take your mask off?
    • A:  What? I don’t understand…
    • Correct!  Actually, there are no studies that show typical cloth or surgical masks are effective at reducing the risk of spreading or catching Covid-19.  The virus is very tiny.  It’s like pouring water through a tennis racket.  And breathing through a used, dirty mask is unhealthy.
  • Q: Should health authorities be giving COVID shots to kids 12 and over without asking or informing the parents?
    • Oh hell no. 
    • Correct!  Most states agree that parents should be in charge of their children’s healthcare decisions.  But currently, 16 states let the children make their own healthcare decisions including whether to get vaccinated without telling their parents.
  • Q: Are drug companies liable for injury or death from the COVID vaccinations? 
    • No, I heard that they aren’t!
    • Correct!  These RNA drug therapies labeled as vaccines were approved under the Emergency Use Act (EUA) and have no liability for anything.  They are experimental.  If you have an adverse reaction or death from the vaccine, you cannot sue the drug company who made it.
  • Q: Has there been any offers or advertisements to get you to take the vaccine?
    • Oh hell yes
    • Correct!  Governors have put in place cash incentives, gift cards, and drawings for millions of dollars to get you to take the vaccine.  Private businesses have joined in and offered free beer, donuts, and other off the wall incentives as a way to market their own businesses with the vaccine hoopla.
  • Q: Name one group of people who have been hesitant to take the shot.
    • Blacks
    • Correct!  Blacks, Hispanics, and also PHD educated people have been most reluctant to trust the government marketing of the experimental vaccines. Overall, 51% of the population in the USA remains unvaccinated in spite of the full court press by media and government.

Congratulations Mr. Pfizarios!  You win!

Double or Nothing

For $2 Million or go home empty handed, do you take the challenge, Mr. Pfizarios?

Yes! I’ll take the challenge!

Q: For $2 Million Dollars, Did the FDA Approve the Pfizer vaccine shot that everyone’s been taking?

A: Yes I heard that the FDA did approve it.

Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Pfizariosa.  The FDA extended the EUA of the current Pfizer vaccine.  The one with ZERO liability.  On the same day, with a second letter, the FDA approved a German drug that will be marketed by Pfizer named Comirnaty which has to complete 7 new clinical trials through 2028 before it will be available for vaccinations.  This fact is currently being incorrectly reported on by the media. The FDA has not issued a clarification.  They seem to want the confusion to result in more vaccinations with the experimental EUA version of the vaccine.

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