Facing the Bias of Our Nation’s Institutions: How to Fight Back Against Pagan Culture


America is a Christian nation. The Christian worldview has shaped the values and principles that our laws are based on, but Christian organizations appear to be losing influence in recent years. Why is it important for Christians to maintain their influence? How can you fight back against America’s institutional bias? Let’s look at 3 ways Christians can fight back against the pagan culture that has infiltrated our homes, our theatres, our schools, and our workplaces.

Enroll your children in Christian schools.

There are some terrible people trying to infiltrate our homes, and they’re not here just for your TV. They want something much more personal-your children’s minds. These kids deserve better than what the media is feeding them with their revisionist history and critical race theory being taught in schools around America without you knowing it! But don’t worry: Christian Schools International has an excellent list of all the right kinds of schools near you that can help give your child a bright future instead of one filled with poisonous ideas like these


Watch Christian movies and television

That’s right – these things exist. It’s important to know that it is possible to find movies and television shows that are family-friendly, but you may have to go out of your way. If we as Christians want our culture restored, then we need to take responsibility for the media consumed in our homes. Check out The Chosen, a really great show that I’ve personally enjoyed.

The Chosen

Worship in a Church with like-minded Christians

A great way to fight back against the prevailing culture is through fellowship with other believers. Churches are central points of Christian life, and it’s important that you find one that aligns closely with your beliefs so that you can be equipped for all this world has to offer.

Find a church near you on this website:

Churchfinder.com. Fill in your city and state, and find a complete list of churches near you with reviews and information about locations, denomination, and notes about the church. You can also select your denomination and find churches that are only those of your preference.

This is just a small sample of the resources out there for Christians to find fellowship with other believers. You can also look into whether or not your current church is following Christ and spreading His word through their actions – if they are, then make sure you’re supporting them!

If your local churches aren’t operating as they should be, it’s up to you to find a new one.

Find out what your local church is doing by following them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website for information about upcoming events. There are plenty of churches in every city that would love your attendance – don’t let the pagan culture win!

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