What’s Next After Covid-19?

The Global Reset is Next
The Global Reset is Next

Thought leaders are starting to look at what is next after Covid-19. Some are genuinely looking at preparedness. Others are looking at the Global Reset, and how successful Covid-19 was in moving the ball in that direction. It’s time to reflect on the future possibilities.

Mainstream media has been efficient at scaring the crap out of people about Covid-19. But what do the numbers say? Deaths across the world were like a normal year. There wasn’t a spike, because at the same time Covid-19 has been killing people, the Flu has mostly been very mild due to all the social distancing and masks. And most of the deaths have occurred in the elderly, 70 years and above.

The Covid-19 disease has over 99% survival rate.

Half the people of the world or more have agreed to take the emergency experimental Covid-19 vaccines. The campaigns are still in full throated marketing to get more people vaccinated. But just under half of Americans don’t have any plans to get the vaccine.

Reasons might be they don’t trust the government and/or media, they have heard of scary side effects or long-term effects of the vaccines on the body. With Covid-19 cases going down every day, maybe the need for them to take the risk and get the vaccine is less.

Effective Safe Drug Treatments Emerging

The news is coming out that inexpensive, safe drugs such as Ivermectin and HCQ that have been around for ages were artificially suppressed by questionable science so that the vaccines could get the coveted emergency authorization and freedom from liability. Thousands of people needlessly died as a result of this suppression.

At a global level, Ivermectin is being reviewed and put through double-blind trials and being approved for use in saving people from the worst outcomes of Covid-19. This is great news as there’s no need for experimental vaccination of the whole world if we have viable and safe treatment protocols.

But this is not official at the WHO or at the FDA. They still say the vaccinations are the only option. Most people still don’t know about the alternatives as it’s not being spread in the mainstream media.

Pressure is mounting from healthcare professionals and scientists who are brave enough to stand up to the establishment and demand to be able to practice medicine. Why should Covid-19 have no viable treatment protocol from the FDA? It’s ridiculous.

If you go to the hospital today with Covid-19, you will likely get drugs that are largely ineffective. You’ll be mostly on your body’s immune system strength to survive it. They still will not administer Ivermectin or HCQ. 20 countries around the world, including India are adopting treatment protocols that include Ivermectin.

Fortunately, the disease is under decline in the USA. Other parts of the world are still in a deeper battle against variants that haven’t arrived in strength in the USA as of yet.

The Global Reset is Coming

The globalists interested in the global reset see the vaccine passport as a gateway to controlling the masses. Once the app is on your smart phone, and you’ve become accustomed to using it, they will slowly start adding more functionality. It will become more like China’s social control app that scores your compliance with rules of the regime to allow or not allow your full participation in society.

Why would they do this? Why a global reset?

Think of the words of the song by John Lennon – Imagine.
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

And there you have it. World leaders and the globalism movement is all about this. They plan to achieve it by controlling you.

You must be compliant to their wishes in order to participate in society.

With electronic money, no need for cash. Every penny you spend, everywhere you spend it, ends up in databases that are centrally connected and mined for data with precision and efficiency. 5G will track your location 24/7. The authorities can locate you in minutes.

There’s even an implant chip that will monitor your body. This will be rolled out with a marketing plan for the ages. We have the compliant media ready and willing to spread the party’s news.

Oligarchs and tech companies will be in control. Even national leaders will answer to them. They already do. The WHO has been able to suppress the viable medicines so the vaccines can be rolled out. This was at the cost of many lives.

It’s a global reset, alright. We’re about to be living it.

We must push back against Vaccine Passports. Republican states have started passing laws making vaccine passports illegal in those states. We need to resist having our freedoms evaporate into a 5G nightmare of nameless oligarchs controlling every aspect of our lives.

Another Pandemic Has Been Assured to Emerge

With only half the people vaccinated and probably willing to accept vaccine passports, a next round of engineered pandemic – this one more lethal has been assured to be in store. Not if, but when. The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the left’s oligarchs. I hope you are paying attention to alternative news sources where the truth still lives.

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