Hey Mikey! Wake Up! The Woke Cereal Revolution

Kellogg's Woke Cereal Box Stirring Up Backlash from angry parents
Kellogg's Woke Cereal Box Stirring Up Backlash from angry parents

The Woke Cereal Revolution

There’s a girl on Twitter who’s upset. Her gripe is simple – she wants all of us to stop complaining because she doesn’t agree with us. So, with that in mind, I’ll give her some real estate here in this public article, so we can hear what she has … which is frankly just a complaint that we’re complaining and she wishes she was the only one who got to complain, so she’s going to complain about it.

Makes sense.

Rebecca McKay (@wheresbexphoto)  –  “Oh no the homocereal is going to turn your kids gay! The horror! But actually wtf is wrong with y’all. It’s pride cereal deal with it”

I think it’s a girl. Just going by the name, Rebecca. I may be wrong; it’s old school logic. But that’s not the whole story.

The Other Side of The Box

Kellogg’s decided to indoctrinate children with new cereal box bling – the kiddies can play word games right on the side of the box, games all about being male, female, undecided. Pronoun stuff. It’s educational.

And to be fair, there were other comments on Twitter, after an article by Tony Perkins (@tperkins) in The Daily Signal, “Kellogg’s LGBT-Themed Cereal Features Preferred Pronouns on Box,” kicked off some harsh reactions. They were mostly regular Americans who just like to eat breakfast without controversial, sinister political posing in their spoons and sex games being given to their children. Here’s some good examples:

Hero DogCross (@mrshhjones) – Kids don’t need blanks to fill in their pronouns. They are born a boy or a girl. NO MORE @KelloggCompany products in our home!

Cliff (@bulldog1875) – I sent a scathing email to Kellogg’s consumer affairs group and contacted them via phone. Think what you like, but I hold that this gender fluid bullshit is, well, bullshit. And I don’t need Kellogg’s to sell it at the breakfast table.

Mr. Right (@Heshel86) – You have sold yourself to the devil. Your wicked plan to destroy the life and souls of children is evil! You have just turned off millions of people who want cereal without the Leftist indoctrination. No more Kelloggs in this home!

PUREPATRIOT78 (@purepatriot78) – Yup done buying your products these are kids they don’t need to know woke leftist pronouns

Tamara S Curry (@TamaraSCurry1) – You’ve got to be kidding me??? I will make sure to never buy Kellogg products again! You should take advice from the other woke or go broke companies! We the People have the power to make it break you!!!

Ivan d’Anon (@JubileeJohn777) – Yep, keep it up. Stay the F*ck away from children, you sick pedo bastards. We have had enough of your sodomite bullshit, and so has God.

Western Tenet (@TenetWestern) – If your aim was to get me to specifically not buy Kellog products well, mission success!

the for real deal (@trendytotebag14) – what the fuck is this? not another dime from our family.

Ali Cat (@alisutton31) – Why must you get involved in social issues? You sell sugar that people eat with milk. You are not virtuous.

Cal Smythe (@Csmythe77) – You are disgusting. Sexualing all this crap. I will never eat your food ever again and. Now have to protect my children from your indoctrination. Sanctimonious garbage boycott #fruitloops

Mr Ives (@real_MrIves) – Snap crackle…woke

Stephen (@safoster83) – Indoctrinating children with no shame, this is about as low as you can get. It’s sad to see what you all have become. I’ll enjoy watching your stock fall, shouldn’t have fucked with the kids.

Those are some tweets from regular Americans, which do seem to outnumber the one tweet from Rebecca. There were dozens of them; I picked some of the best for you. A screenshot:

I Always Try to Circle Back

And I responded to Rebecca, to be respectful. I told her these were just opinions she didn’t agree with, and she should deal with it. She’ll never realize how much she has taught us. Those of us who are paying attention.

Meanwhile, me, I made a lot of new friends, tagged a BUNCH of people to follow, and I feel like I’m part of something! Like Mikey from Life cereal – (“Hey Markie! He likes it!”) – a he/him who ate breakfast so fast, loved it so much, he never took the time to read the mature themes adorning his cereal boxes.


Mark Urso

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