Fear of Covid-19 Used to Drive the Global Reset
Fear of Covid-19 Used to Drive the Global Reset

Freedom of Speech in the time of COVID-19 has been curtailed in spectacular fashion – so much so that effective treatments for the deadly affliction have been attacked, suppressed, censored, and silenced. The reasons? Big Money, Big Government, Global conspiracy. No. For Real.

Evidence is surfacing. What has been shushed, what lives have been threatened about, what has been pulled from all the major social media sites, what has been dismissed by major media outlets – is starting get out. This article in ZeroHedge gives it a lot of light. “Ivermectin has already been approved as a covid-19 treatment in more than 20 countries.

Pennsylvania’s “Mountain Home” in PDF format has a feature story about it.

If you get COVID now / today in the USA, there isn’t an official effective treatment for it. The doctors have to follow officially approved treatments which are mostly supportive. Remdisivir? Don’t bet on it helping much. The doctors mostly try to make you comfortable while your body wages its own battle. Why don’t they treat it? Yeah good (expletive) question. They don’t even tell you to get your immune system stronger with vitamins C and D. They do tell you to get the vaccine, though. Have you heard about the vaccine side effects?

Doctors don’t want to lose their jobs is the immediate answer. Global Reset is the best short answer.

Reasons for the suppression of effective treatments might include:

The Emergency Use guidelines that the vaccines were approved under require that there be no effective treatment available. Pharma giants will make billions from their vaccines and are developing their own drugs. Having to compete with effective and inexpensive drugs would severely undercut their marketability. And so with that and common sense that most major media outlets are owned by Billionaires… well use your noodle a bit. It’s obvious that we’re being kept in the dark so they can make tons and tons of money for the foreseeable future.

Control. Big governments have been planning a “Global Reset” for years now. They’ve tried scaring everyone with Climate Change. That was going pretty well under Obama, but Trump put a halt to that. Here, read about it on the World Economic Forum. “implement long-overdue reforms that promote more equitable outcomes… building “green” urban infrastructure… and much more.

Explore The Great Reset Transformation Map

Vaccine Passport – this is a gateway to a system to control every aspect of our lives. Once we’ve installed the app on our smart phones and it’s required for travel, it will be ramped up to include so much more. China has such a system, and your ability to travel, to spend money (cash is already being phased out), to conduct freedom of speech (already severely curtailed), and it is used in China to control the behavior of the masses by restricting rights if you’ve done something the government is discouraging (like posting the truthful information they don’t want to get to the general public).

With a social control system for the whole world, with not knowing who is behind it, freedoms will vanish. We’ll all know big brother and it will know everything about us from what foods we buy, where we are at all times, who we talk to, what we say on social media, the contents of our emails, and any other data point they are able to track, they will. 5G is a big part of this rollout.

George Orwell would be shocked. The timeframe we’re under for the global reset is moving along very quickly. It’s being marketed very well. They know fear drives the most compliance, and so they’ve driven that home with a sledge hammer using inflated COVID-19 fear as the vehicle. Most people are buying into the brainwashing. Others know something is wrong but are feeling silenced. Peer pressure to conform is very strong.

You’ll find more and more out about what the Bill Gates of the world have in store for us. It’s making it onto smaller websites first, but the bigger ones with independent thinkers are also starting to speak about it and do interviews. You have to pay attention as it doesn’t make it into mainstream media. Mainstream media is misinformation at its peak.

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