Vaccine Side Effects Tweets
Vaccine Side Effects Tweets

Many people are tweeting about having side effects from their COVID Vaccine. Reportedly over 4000 deaths have been recorded in the Vaccine Side Effects reporting system (VAERS system) which is a voluntary reporting system for adverse vaccine side effects. Over 99% of the vaccine side effects being reported in the VAERS system are related to the COVID vaccines, and it’s only been a few months since these vaccinations started.

FROM THE FDA – Vaccine Side Effects:


3rd day from taking the Pfizer vaccine: Still sick, my throat decided to close again. Yes close like its closed shut and i can hardly breath from it and it hurts when I breath. Also the worst headache ever and a runny nose. Try getting a good sleep with all that or even eat.
My 21-year-old daughter is experiencing heart-related abnormalities right now, a week out from Pfizer #2: palpitations, occasional chest pain and tightness, and shortness of breath. They started on day 4, when we rushed her to the emergency room. She is an athlete, very fit.
Update: Got my 2nd moderna shot 4/17/21, have had body & joint pain & general flu like symptoms ever since, most recently experiencing wicked stiff neck on same side the shot was administered. This is over a month now.
has anyone here experienced serious eyesight complications (specifically: vision regression) post covid (pfizer) vaccine ? [not talking about the xray vision etc some folks have experienced for some days post covid]
Can anyone provide any guidance? Had the #Pfizer #CovidVaccine on 14/5. Felt rubbish after but started to get increasingly breathless with headaches by day 4. Called 111 on day 6 and went to A&E. Hospital confirmed blood clot. Prescribed thinners and sent home. 1/2
I had my 1st dose of Pfizer 4/1. Immediately had swelling of hands/tingling tongue/lips/roof of mouth subsided after 4hrs. But my face went numb both sides on and off for 4wks. Dr said not to get 2nd shot. But I feel like I should, is it too late/will I be able to get booster?
Just collected husband from a 2 night stay in hospital. Pulmonary Embolism, after second Pfizer jab. Yellow card completed. The App is by far the easiest way to report any adverse reactions. Took around 10 mins. You need your NHS number & batch number of vaccine Please do it.
I had a family member develop portal vein thrombosis immediately (morning after) & for at least a month following 2nd mRNA dose (Moderna). Numerous such cases reported to VAERS for Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, among other bleeding-related symptoms
Super fit cycling buddy had a heart rate issue after second Pfizer shot. HR went up to 170 for a week. Drs said it was a known but unreported side effect.
I experienced the same thing after I got my second Pfizer vaccine. I went to the ER and was in the hospital for a few nights. They told me that they thought that the vaccine had caused pericarditis around my heart. Sent me home w meds and I am fine now, probably an extreme case
Nothing on 1st jab, but soon after 2nd I had an eczema like rash on my leg, but went off with cream, but worse, my wife has recurring shortness of breath and fluid build up in legs. Improving now but lasted a month. She reported to MHRA but no comment yet. Both Pfizer.

Lots more side effects being reported from these vaccines than normal vaccines. Remember this was an emergency authorization with minimal clinical testing before being rolled out to the whole world as the only solution to Covid-19.

Other drugs that have been found effective? Banned and doctors are not allowed to treat COVID. When has any disease in history of the world been banned from being treated by doctors? There are literally no FDA approved treatment protocols until you are hospitalized. Even then, they only use Remdesivir, which is largely ineffective. Ask your family doctor about it.

IMHO the Global Reset is tied to making sure everyone gets a COVID Vaccine so they can get a Vaccine Passport – which is the same software that can be used to track your location, what money you spend, for what, and can potentially be used to limit your access to the coming digital cash systems that are in the planning stages to be rolled out in the near future. This is Bill Gate’s wet dream of social control over the world.

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