The Truth is Sizzling on Twitter


This won’t take long. My friend Sean has the President on his talk show in a half-hour (Hannity), and I want to check that out, and my drummer’s coming by for a late night session of music! But I wanted to sum up the day, the beginning of a promising week. It was 65-degrees in Rhode Island, the first sunny day that begged me to go outside and stay there!

And the truth is coming to a sizzle in our new world. It was inevitable, and it’s the way it should be. Ashli Babbitt rest in peace! Your death will never be answered, and America will always feel that pain. But through the wholly hole-filled but unholy investigations, we will find the goal.

The truth.

It’s hard to unknit a sweater that was constructed upside down. But it can be done, with persistence, tenacity and passion. We got this.

Please bookmark this site and visit often; feel free to leave a comment!

Have a wonderful week! Watch out – I expect the rest of the week to be rained on by virtue posers peeing on trees in the name of George Floyd, and that can be more dangerous than real violence!

Avoid peaceful protests if you like peace.


Mark Urso

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