Joe Biden Talks Sports … Not Really


Biden on ESPN

Joe Biden shared his viewpoints on controversy in sports, especially women’s sports, during a recent interview. He made it clear he doesn’t care.

Well, he did mention his German Shepherd, and insisted voting should be easier than getting a fishing license, and COVID is friggin’ scary … but nothing about sports … during his exclusive interview with ESPN. About sports.

“I thought I was a pretty good athlete in high school … the real athletes in our family are women. I have a granddaughter who’s all state in two sports … a niece who is an all American, and really some talented women in my family.”

So there’s that. He wouldn’t dare compete with that kind of sports skill. I don’t expect CNBC or Chinese checkers to call him on making such a traditional, meaningful, Christian and scientifically-correct distinction, you know … between women and men … in sports. But no worries, he did NOT talk about women with penises, or mention anything about penises.

No, the magical moment in this interview came at about the 3-minute mark, when Biden, in his enthusiasm about COVID during a talk about sports … went for some papers in his pocket. I believe what was going through his head at this point was something like “Oh, no! I’m gonna hear about this again!”

Biden, upon being overwhelmed at the concept of pretending to be President, has an understandably hard job. He has to continue to defend many mistruths, and it’s getting to be impossible. The thing he pulled out of his pocket by mistake is quickly becoming famous, and we know what it is, Mister Cheater.

He can’t even remember names of reporters, or numbers. He can’t face random questions about his job and about America. He is afraid of the truth he left fighting for its life on the side of the road, while he clears the way for the new world order, the “Great Reset.”

Biden will continue to do whatever his handlers tell him. The alternatives are slim, at this point, with no reliable patriots in sight that can counter the Whoopi/Cuomo tag team that’s spreading hate like peanut butter.

Generally speaking, sports fans were not impressed.

Joe Biden uses cheating and lying as his principle tools. He’s an expert. In the video above, he demonstrates he carries a cheat sheet with photos of reporters faces, so he can tell who will play HIS game.


Mark Urso

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