Cheaters, Ignorance and Apathy; the New America


Nobody Cares

Yes, I’m talking to you!

Do you care?

I think not!

In fact, I’m sure you don’t! Nobody does!

Joe Biden has kids in cages.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden has a history of lying.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden acts like he has no idea where he is.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden bombed Syria.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden uses cheat sheets.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is rude and loses his temper easily.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden cheated in the 2020 election.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden put up barbed wire fence around our capitol.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden put National Guard troops in a parking garage to sleep.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is hiring a full staff based on skin color only.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden insulted the leader of Russia.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden has made the US a fool in the eyes of China.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is running America’s economy into the ground intentionally.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is signing executive orders out of spite like a dictator.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is probably a child molester.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden has done enormous tit for tat deals with Communist China.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden can’t remember the names of reporters he selects by hand.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden thinks his Vice President is black, but she is not.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden doesn’t care about America’s history.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is embarrassed about America.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden is clearly a white supremacist in the modern sense of the phrase.

Nobody cares.

Joe Biden has not visited the crisis he has created at the US border.

Nobody cares.

All they seem to care about are the stupidest things, which have nothing to do with politics, nothing to do with international affairs or the economy. It’s all a bunch of idiotic emotional virtue posing, and it’s sickening.

Let’s take a closer look. Twitter is alive with opinions!

First, there’s @JoJoFromJerz, a sarcastic stupid woman who thinks this is what America needs right now. She obviously gets her news exclusively from “The View” so she KNOWS it’s real.

“He didn’t call anyone a dog.
Not fake news.
Or nasty.
Not the enemy of the people.
He didn’t congratulate his children for anything.
He didn’t once mention his electoral college win.
He didn’t ask about injecting disinfectants, or drinking bleach.
I mean, how can we trust him?”

… Friends, I’m done with being nice.

Patriot-wannabee stupid person @cb_shanahan was relieved the fake president didn’t talk about himself too much. We wouldn’t want to know what he’s up to now, would we, you idiot?

Total and complete moron @ObrantSusan had this to say about the fake president’s recent fake presser: “Is Presidential, answers questions, laughs, cares, was unscripted,…… “
That’s it! That’s all a President needs to do, besides the fact her facts are all wrong. She must be watching The View too.

And the stupidity of @sdent520 is a genuine raw insult, without, of course, knowing it … or knowing ANYTHING … an insult to every one of us who are still flailing in the wind after Biden refused to answer questions during a campaign that featured him hiding, refusing to talk and taking daylong lids.

Here’s what she drafted. It’s like Shakespeare.
“And actually answers questions. Refreshing
Clapping hands sign
Clapping hands sign
Clapping hands sign
Red heart”

And then there’s idiots who have health problems they need to tell us about, like @dbreed714, who proudly states “Yeah, he doesn’t make me clench my sphincter.” It was hard, but I didn’t reply to that.

All these ignorant people deserve to be heard!

Hey, they posted this shit, not me.

Many of them don’t suffer from arrogance, but still have outrageously failed at America 101, and have no idea what the current political landscape looks like. They think life is a happy dream, while China forces religions to close down and makes dissenters disappear, and Biden is their puppet; America is doomed, but @BluesChewy2 thought a sleepy fake presser where Joe abandoned thoughts to bad memory in mid-sentence, was “Quite refreshing.”

It’s out of hand. You shouldn’t call yourself an American citizen today if this kind of reaction bleeds out of your ignorant brain, @WendyCMihm“And spells out substantive plans to solve actual problems! It was delightful.” This is clearly a woman bound by the spell of the creature Whoopi, a once-comedienne who’s primary goal today is to lead the cause of blind, ignorant hatred. Follow the money.

I could continue. The idiots are out in full force. Bless their idiotic little heads. I can’t try to educate someone who wishes to live in the Whoopi soup. They will be lulled into submission when it’s too late. While the whole problem with the US administration is the web of lies they live within, we still have the wishful idiot, like @jdzubia, who knows the world is listening when she says out loud “We are realizing how much we’ve missed truth.”

It’s not possible to turn this right side up.

So, friends, today my post is full of ignorance and misery. I can’t fight because the enemy cheats, and they tend to be nasty if you actually say something Whoopi doesn’t endorse.

The world is in a state of warning. On one side, though, no-one is paying attention. I believe there’s no way to nip it in the bud; the ignorance has momentum. The only remaining question is, will it be too late when they learn to open their eyes?


Mark Urso

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2 years ago

Well said, Mark. We are further along the path to ruin very fast these few days where our freedoms remain. These misguided air heads make me sick.