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Rules for Non-Radicals


Rules for Non-Radicals
by Mark Urso

  • To “hate the haters back” is being complicit in someone else’s plan.
  • Climate change is the biggest “fuck science” ever.
  • If you believe there’s a fact checking industry, you deserve one.
  • Facebook and Twitter promote hate.
  • There’s no cure for the common cold or flu, but we all still go to work.
  • Some people just believe the first version of any story.
  • Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House, gets drunk at work.
  • The New York Times lies, then admits it, without breaking stride.
  • Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer.
  • Time magazine exposed election fraud, but it was still somehow more like praising it than condemning it.
  • The Chinese are laughing; they see Americans as fat and weak.
  • COVID was being tracked many months before it became a big problem.
  • Humans are social creatures and require social interaction for mental health.
  • Hating someone is the easiest way to be a hypocrite.
  • 2-to-1: Assuming election fraud, Trump could easily have gotten 100M votes to 50M for Biden. Statistically, the likelihood is very high.
  • If no election fraud, both sides would support absolving any questions.
  • A disease that has no symptoms might require no cure.
  • Bill Gates is a maniacal, self-important lonely man who is not a scientist.
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene has more courage than most men in politics.
  • Dinesh D’Souza, Candace Owens, Andy Ngo and Scott Presler are unpaid, selfless heroes.
  • Joe Biden administered by spite on his first day, then came up with not a single idea of his own, while ignoring his promise to contain COVID.
  • Donald Trump was the most effective, honest, trustworthy president in history.
  • Chris Cuomo and George Stephanopoulos are aware they lie to the public daily.
  • The US Democratic leadership has never changed. Obama is still in power. Psaki is a figurehead, and a poor one at that.
  • Hitler killed millions of Jews.
  • Nothing material is free. People given “everything” for free are not better off.
  • COVID vaccines use “new science” to alter a person’s DNA, which had never previously been tested on humans.
  • Protesting, by itself, means nothing. To exercise passion there must be a reason. It is irresponsible to not ensure your message is being heard.
  • The failure of Parler is the biggest missed opportunity of this century.
  • While 20 people died in TX in bad weather, Joe Biden was playing Mario Cart.
  • The world is not perfect, as evidenced by the fact windmills can’t replace fossil fuels, and lazy people have to hold their own.
  • Biden is performing so poorly Youtube changed downvote numbers.
  • Lawyers doctored evidence in a trial against Trump with no consequences.
  • No-one is concerned thousands of military troops have occupied Washington.
  • Democrats have vocally incited violence. Trump was found innocent, but still banned from social media.
  • 73% of the US population is white. There are 35 people/sq. mile in the world.
  • “White” is used to describe ethnicity only in America.
  • Christianity is the most popular religion, nearly twice outsizing Islam or Hinduism.
  • If a wild animal could manipulate a human to do things, it would do so instantly without thinking.
  • Mankind is generally harmonious with nature.
  • There is, in general, no such thing as systemic racism in America.
  • It’s painfully obvious we should honor and preserve our own history.
  • Social experience, short of self-extinction, is largely self-correcting.
  • Black holes are a desperate attempt at post-Einstein theory that hasn’t changed in 100 years.
  • Freedom of Speech may never be restored. It may never have really existed.
  • Fair elections require participation, and are self-fulfilling, or self-terminating.
  • Not a single criminal should have been set free from jail just because of COVID.
  • Mental health institutions in the US should never have been closed.
  • Girls should have their own sports.
  • The US National Guard deserves respect from its citizenry and leadership.
  • There is no reason to think the world is going to end in your family’s lifetime.
  • COVID would never have been a worldwide problem if HCQ were acknowledged as a known cure a year ago.
  • Children should not be forced to share bathrooms with the opposite sex.
  • Christian family traditions are the biggest threat to communist aspirations.
  • Hypocrisy is hard to hide and impossible to fix.
  • Education choice is a human right.
  • Sex is the correct word when talking about animal anatomy, including humans.
  • To suggest mean people are not thinking straight is generous, but Christian.
  • The government in the United States works for the citizens.
  • A deep swamp is probably impossible to drain.
  • The Democratic party in America, including Joe Biden, never denounced violence or Antifa.
  • Joe Biden never had a plan for COVID, although having one was his only campaign promise.
  • Aunt Jemima was a very nice woman.
  • Children don’t care what color your skin is, and shouldn’t be taught to.
  • Herd immunity is clearly the answer, and easily attainable.
  • Most people just want to be happy. It’s a sin to hijack those intentions.
  • Someone has Hunter Biden’s laptop. That person has control of the world.
  • The truth will still set you free.


Mark Urso

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