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How to Fight Back in an Unfair, Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Game of Politics

Censored freedom

Polls don’t mean anything! Comments are all turned OFF on mainstream media websites. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are doing the Dominion cheaters dance …

I feel like I could scream and no-one would hear me! 

Is there a way to crack the shield of censorship?

What do we really need? What are our goals? Very specifically, would one be something so simple as a true display of the characters in Washington and around the Biden administration? Wouldn’t it be worth having a view portal that was publicly understood and available and widely used and trusted? Could we come to a place where no more explaining would have to be done because people would be able to see what’s actually happening? Hard to believe, but that’s what we’ve lost!

So, if we want to send a message to Washington, we should focus on free speech, and even more specifically, free speech done intentionally, aimed at the guy on the fence. We need targeted, good writing based on valid research. We need an army of authors and creators. And they all should have the same goal, same intention, same target audience, which is the guy on the fence. There are millions of people “ready” to listen.

There are millions of people who will understand one, but maybe only one, talking point. But that talking point will tip them just right, to see some other dots start to connect. People have hot spots, “don’t touch me there” topics. It could be insulin prices, gasoline prices, something they’re personally interested in. The idea of envisioning an audience when writing for the public is not new, but nowadays we’ll have to be more specific. We don’t need to preach to the choir. Our audience is very real and many are ready to chomp down on anything, but their heads hurt every time they engage modern information sources. Most professional journalists are failing to report with objectivity, but it’s important to note: that doesn’t mean their audience wants to be a fool, and two, the audience is enormous.

To understand this totally, remember, people are spooked because they’re good people who’ve been lied to. That means two things! We know the truth is the key, and we rest our passion on knowing millions of people have been lied to. Many of those people are potentially very loyal, and potentially even more loyal if they feel they were a fool in the past. We’re not just fighting for us; we’re fighting for them, those who’ve been made to only appear to be our enemy. This, while the instigator tries to blind us to our own relative numbers, which are in truth more enormous than any vaguely-organized opposition. The fact it’s hard to nail down intentions of and even identities of liberal actors is testimony only to disloyalty, dispassion, and lack of organization on their part, making it a crowd ripe for the pickin’. To imagine Trump-haters who never research any news, react emotionally to headlines-only and memes, engage friends in combative banter over politics, sometimes even being rude, are all bad people you wouldn’t want on your team, is going way out of the sandbox for no reason. They are not sinners. We’re all still of the same mind; it’s just we need to find each other again now.

Crowd’s on the Fence

Yes, write your representatives in politics, support good people by doing business with them, and speak out when appropriate, representing the good word in a responsible way. If that’s a blanket, we need a sword, too, and that’s in our hands right now. The truth will set you free. Any and every sound-of-mind human respects honesty and doesn’t want to be the guy they’re lying to. This is a fence they’re sitting on that’s bogging down in our direction.

Don’t cross swords with friends over politics. If you’re shopping locally, give your business to the person who earns it as a business, just as you’ve always done, no matter their political persuasion. To act any other way would be giving in to divisiveness we’d never agree with. We were previously, always “connected” to many people, not caring how hard they’d argue if politics came up. It’s a great idea to get together with friends and never discuss politics at all (and not hard to do), just like you always have. In this environment, locally with face-to-face friends, the sword is politeness, courtesy, confidence, and friendliness. Carry it proudly. 

If you use Twitter, for example, block with a plan! I think I’ve taken out many of those who’d ruin my day daily with endless danger, drama, and insults, and hope the fringe “fencers” remain, the less-stubborn. It’s essentially those who don’t assault me for no reason. Twitter, for me, isn’t a perfect echo chamber, and I don’t want it to be. So be sparse but generous, depending on the offense. Millions of non-yellers will always still see you there.

If you’re in “patriotic mode,” browsing online or at dinner with friends, remind yourself your opponent, who you’re trying to convert peacefully, might be on the fence. Instead of swiping (one opponent at a time), it might be better to drop harmless truth bombs. To a large degree this is a game of tiny nudging. 

Two Birds with One Stone?

The most effective way to discover your sword and use it is to look not for the sword, but the right opponent. Your sword is your words, your fact or display of information. Take out the guys in the back of the field first; push them over the fence. The liberal army has a front line that bites, but it’s all based on numbers. Right now, numbers-wise, patriotic-thinkers are a much bigger army, but the commies got the White House. They’re using a modern make-believe commie army made up of fields of flags and paper people figurines mixed with our real, human friends. But it’s still an army considerably smaller in size, and it’s mostly people who are simply confused but good-willed, some ready to hear the truth.

My timing is not just random saying this, not just hopeful; it’s deliberate. There’s an opportunity now, based on what we feared coming true: Biden’s in. Imagine the average Joe TV Watcher™; there are millions of him. Before Biden got into the White House as a puppet President-imagined, he had the audacity to tell everyone he’d “tell ya later” if he felt like it. He confidently told everyone he didn’t need votes, as he was so certain he’d win the election. Joe TV Watcher™ may have seen this. If so, it represents a very unique thing in his world – the event was not interrupted, censored in any way – it was live on TV. Joe TV Watcher™ is, as we know, stubborn sometimes, and this being the first time he’s heard lunacy directly, he’s apt to dismiss it. In order for him to balk further, mainstream media would have to show him MORE.

Closing in on the bogus inauguration, Biden and his team got less careful. Now that Biden’s in the White House the mainstream media will pick on him more, but not to the point that they undermine him. The cherry on top is he’s now emboldened to DO things. His actions will be revealing, and probably covered by mainstream media. 

It’s easy for me to pinpoint the lies because I research a lot. The way the lines are delivered, the exact way the false information is treated by mainstream media, will seem more and more to Joe TV Watcher™ like something he’s NEVER SEEN BEFORE. This is happening now, potentially with every move Biden makes.

That’s what I mean by not preaching to the choir and targeting subject matter and delivery to the fence!

The Fence Doesn’t Stand a Chance! We are the majority! 

Look at how many of us there are! Look at Youtube and Quora, where veteran Terry Terhune has millions of views and his “space” has a loud and clear conservative voice. If you look at numbers of views on Quora posts and upvotes, it’s clear conservatives and patriots are a majority (easier seen in a space where users are treated fairly).

Trump Rally, North Carolina

Censorship and shadow-banning are the left’s version of unconventional warfare. Silencing conservatives, power-hungry elitists in big tech are controlling our ability to see each other. They want to disconnect us from each other, hoping we’ll forget we’re not a small group. It’s like a girlfriend acting like “nothing happened” after you caught her stealing something. They can blatantly silence us because the left’s position is that they’re all happy and “dissenters” are of an insignificant number. In the unwrapping of reality, that will become less and less true. Unfortunately, under the umbrella of Free Speech in the US, we still bend to mainstream media, but they’re under the same dumb spell they’re dishing out. Freedom fighters will be declared insignificant and incorrect right up until the inevitable moment when the left, media and all, is back-to-the-wall and all alone.

They already feel it in their souls.

Not a single experienced journalist doesn’t know he’s corrupting free speech when he stands for a predetermined precedent, and many are getting paid for their allegiances.  

Annie’s List

Having a voice can also be done by abstaining.

In our everyday lives, we can reimagine how to do many things. Boycotting and knowing who the players are have always been good battle tools. Annie’s List is a place where user-contributed information can help us know who we’re supporting when we shop, use our computers, drive our cars, buy homes and even educate our children. With the power of information, we can sharpen a sword we already have and use every day; our buying and loyalty choices.

The Daily Phoenix says “Cancel those that cancel others! “There are plenty of companies that donate to political campaigns that are fairly benign. Some even donate to both political parties, but please DO walk away from companies that are actively trying to silence or harm people they disagree with.”

In this timely article, Annie Allison says “I do not believe conservatives should bully or pressure companies simply because their CEO happens to donate to Democrats, for example. We believe that companies can and will have their personal views–and that’s fine! This is America. We can respectfully disagree. But it’s important to ask this question: Should Conservatives give their money to companies who suppress them, despise them, and harm them? Freedom First Press will continue to try and help you make good choices!

Another thing worth mentioning : You can “friend” people from other countries. Try the Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia, China, India, South Korea, Canada and Italy for starters! Those countries all periodically read my blog.

Good luck everyone, in this new environment! It’s more important than ever today to think for ourselves. Please feel free to comment!


Mark Urso

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