Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Fights the Radical Left


Newly elected Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) refuses to back down amid death threats and calls for her resignation.

As usual, the leftists in the legacy media are in lockstep with their efforts to condemn her efforts to courageously represent her constituency. In what has become a tiresome display of so-called courage, the New York Times ran an article today featuring comments made by Jimmy Kimmel and others on their respective late-night television shows. As an occasional reader of the New York Times, I’m often forced to ask myself if anything they feature is actually worth reporting. What seems to appear there and on every other legacy media outlet is reality TV-style drama festivals. This type of information won’t help voters. It will more likely distract rather than inform voters about the actual important business of governing the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world.

Leftists in Congress are playing their part to entertain and distract as well. Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) initiated a shouting match in the hall of the capitol building between herself and Greene. Representative Bush was likely unaware that Greene had caught the exchange on film.

A Message of Real Unity

Amid attacks from the leftist news channels about her old social media posts, Greene sent out a Tweet urging mainstream media outlets to publish a post she made in 2016. We are obliged to share it with you.

Greene’s message of unity means much more than the faux-unity being levied on the American people by the political left. What Greene understands and what the left seems not to understand is that unity and ideological heterogeneity are not the same thing. All Americans do not think alike. Fortunately, thinking alike is not a prerequisite for true unity.

Florida Democrat Pam Keith summarizes the left’s version of unity below…

We Support Greene Initiatives!

The day after Joe Biden took office Marjorie Taylor Greene set the tone for his presidency by filing Articles of Impeachment against him. We agree with this action. If the leftists in Congress can impeach President Trump for no reason, why not get an early start on Biden? We couldn’t agree more with her objectives.

We proudly support Marjorie Taylor Greene because America needs more patriots like her who are willing to stand up to the left rather than cower and negotiate with them.

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