Playing With Death Counts, Mainstream Media’s Love For Lies

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Donald Trump’s clear prevention of the COVID-19 crisis was upended by “mainstream media.” In April, 2020, Trump said HCQ was a cure. At the time, HCQ was an FDA-approved cure since 2019. It’s clear from published information, if people had simply listened to the President of the United States, in April, 2020, when he said HCQ was a cure, the whole thing would have been all over.

(Originally published on Quora by Mark Urso.)

The Question

Why do certain groups of republicans reject medical science? What would they gain by lying about COVID-19?

I think the premise is faulty, although some people might reject medical science, regardless of their political preference.

I sometimes feel like I’m repeating the basics. I apologize, as this is never the reader’s fault. There is misdirection being actively used by mainstream media. They are not to be trusted. This is easy to confirm by simply veering off of mainstream media.

I’ll help you if you want to give it a try.

The Background

I was a reporter for 25-years. Today’s journalists at CBS, ABC, NBC and all the trusted sources (New York Times is a great example) have destroyed their own reputations. If it’s not easy to see now, it will become easier as time goes by. The hardest part of answering a question when it deals with the news is, I end up looking like the crazy person, because what’s going on is crazy.

Mostly, msm (mainstream media) is ignoring and deflecting, not outright lying. I’ll give you an EASY pathway to starting to see the truth, because it’s not laid out, it’s a mess. I’ll share a couple articles, which include links and references, and my blog is filled with over 500 articles, many about recent events. I try to see the whole story.

The Game

To answer your question, it’s not about republicans, not about liberals, not about partisan politics, nor can the current situation be put in any container. The end game is a long game and a long shot, but AOC and Sanders have drawn a clear picture that they WANT communism. They are not “thinking about it”; they want the United States to be converted to communism. Sanders is an avowed communist.

Footage from Sanders’ honeymoon trip to Russia is seen on Dinesh D’Souza’s great documentary “Trump Card.” I’d also recommend a heart-wrenching piece called “Seattle is Dying” which has shocking footage of how homeless people are treated in Seattle, where they are NOT encouraged to get jobs, they’re allowed to trespass as they wish, shit anywhere (literally) and now the liberal agenda is to give them money for free. How is that a good idea? There’s no vetting. Everyone’s supposed to be treated the same under this communist idea; it doesn’t matter if you’re a worthless loaf who does crime, or not.

The Bias

Those two films are not new, but in the past 2–3 years it’s become obvious to me, as a reporter at heart, mainstream media is biased. It would be a problem if it were just one outlet, say ABC. But if it were just ABC, then watching CBS would reveal the issue, and people would stop trusting ABC. But, since Obama’s administration, America’s Democratic party has gotten into its collective head that communism is worth talking about, and big changes are needed in a country that most citizens would describe as having nothing that resembles systemic problems, racism especially.

All of mainstream media is compromised, and that’s the root of the problem.

History is rebuked, mistreated, insulted and erased. The big wigs with money donate millions (Zuckerberg) and conspire by doing things that are clearly unAmerican, like permanently banning the President of the United States from social media. If you don’t think there’s anything funny about the US President being treated poorly by a minority of loudmouths who play unfair, you may not be on the path to logic. If you don’t see “journalism” in the United States is no longer trustworthy, you’ve been spoofed!

In THIS story, for example, ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos (not a dumb guy), a longtime expert in journalism who knows what he’s talking about (normally), has completely abandoned trustworthiness and all the rules. He says (and you can watch the embedded video easily) “There are not two sides to the story.”


Major cities have major violence and buildings are on fire, and the msm says it’s “mostly peaceful.” If you’re not willing to hear that, really hear it, just quit now; I can’t understand how someone could express curiosity then tell me “that’s debunked” or some other lazy, mindless explanation for not listening, but I’ve run into it like I’m in a bad horror movie too many times, lost friends and now I hope to make AOC’s list of people she believes need to be re-educated because we don’t agree with her agenda. Mostly peaceful, but fiery. You DO have to think about that in order to begin to understand the f’d-up state of the media. But the good news; once you do think about that, you should be 90% back to reality.

The Reasoning

What’s underneath it? What’s the puzzle? Well truthfully I can only speculate, but it’s big. Canada’s prime minister called it the “Great Reset.” Others have too. It’s not just the US; it’s related to the UN, and China and Europe are big players. Russia’s sitting on the sidelines laughing, but either Russia or China are in an excellent position right now, with a very weak and deceit-ridden administration in the US, to take over the world.

Sound crazy? It’s the “Great Reset.” Some say it may it may involve a US civil war; it’s even more likely, in my opinion, to be a world war. Which may have already started!

It’s also a valid theory that pharmaceutical companies are in favor of selling zillions of dollars-worth of vaccines.

The Science

Science? If you want science, do science! But today, it’s enough for many to be an expert by reading headlines. They read some msm headlines, then conclude someone’s lying. It’s hard to imagine it’s actually the news reporters who are lying!

They have had DEATH COUNTS in the top right corner of their TV news screens for MONTHS, showing numbers that DO NOT REPRESENT SCIENCE. Remember, science! Where is it? Hidden? NO! Does it come from a group like the “Centers for Disease Control?” Sure! That’s a good start, so we can test my claims.

I didn’t check to see who asked this question, but did you read any CDC documents? I really want to make it easy, so here’s a good one:

It’s not hard to find. It’s from the CDC website. The reason it says 2019 is because COVID-19 was being tracked in 2019. An accepted cure, listed by the FDA, was HCQ. When Donald Trump said on national TV HCQ was a cure, he was correct.

The whole thing would have been all over.

But instead, we all remember mainstream media hitting him in the head with a lead-filled bias-driven virtual baseball bat. Remember? Try! It’s the ammo they used, and LOTS of people memorized it as a way to hate Trump and blame him for killing their grandmother.

The Lies

HCQ was an FDA-listed CURE for COVID in 2020. But after Trump promoted it in April, the FDA REVOKED THE EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) (that was already in place) in June. They are as complicit in the deceit as all the others. Try a DuckDuckGo search for just the words “FDA revoked,” and if you get the same results as me, it pre-fills in the term EUA. The fact-seekers are not a small group.

I’m not the enemy. I think a lot of great people have been stuck with an amazing blitz of shit, and they can’t see, but it’s only temporary. The truth is singular.

In this case, at least according to the science printed and published by the CDC, back in August, total deaths were about 161-thousand. You might think these people died of COVID, considering the DEATH TOLL numbers you see every day on the reputable TV news. But no. Not according to the CDC. Only six percent of those people who died, died of COVID. The others died of pneumonia and chronic respiratory illnesses, or a combination of things. They die, it’s COVID, for some reason, even though 50,000 of the total were 85 years-old or older, and the TV shows a huge DEATH COUNT.

It’s intentional fear-mongering.

That CDC document alone should make you take a step back, at least!

If you like golf, maybe Jack Nicklaus is cool. In this article Nicklaus says he“knows two people whose parents died from something other than coronavirus and were allegedly asked if the cause of death could be changed to coronavirus.

The Agenda

They’re trying to flex their muscles. Unfortunately a very dim future is what some people think they’re creating, systematically, and the plan involves lying.

That’s a whole different direction, and you didn’t ask about broad conspiracy theories. Let’s get back on track with this real post from Twitter and the less-than-brilliant folks at “Unbiased News Network.” It’s a real brain tickler.

Fun, huh? That one (above) speaks for itself!

News is the topic, and … did they tell you the wildfires in the west were deliberately set by Antifa? They didn’t? I don’t know, but I found this:

These are just some screenshots I saved. By the way, that’s Dutch in the screenshot above. It suggests to me the Scarsdale (NY) Twitter account was simply logged into the Netherlands (or other Dutch-speaking) Twitter system, which is probably a simple process, I might imagine … to circumvent visibility.

If you have an urge to learn more about the deadly coronavirus, and you turn, today, to msm, you’ll learn Fauci has taken yet another unexpected turn. No-one questions it; it’s just another headline. This time he has a vaccine, and many states are re-opening, but mister creepy chimes in with “Everyone should be wearing TWO masks!”

Seriously creepy person

Enough? Oh, there’s more!

Mainstream media is covering for the biggest asshole in the world, AOC. She’s not only a mean person, she’s completely unqualified. She isn’t afraid to admit she wants businesses throughout America closed, destroying an economy built strong by Trump, and she wants this because she’s a bitter hag. It’s pure hate. Pure evil. She hates ONE person. But you might be out of a job; your family’s business in the trash. Did mainstream media tell you what she really thinks?

Would be nice to know stuff like this before voting for her!

This is actually, enough, for me!

I hope you discard the phrase “debunked” from your vocabulary forever, because it’s a big insult to people who do research and try to share truth. Dinesh D’Souza, according to a friend on Facebook, was “already debunked,” when I posted something (before I left FB forever!). That’s not thinking. Be fair to yourself.

The Conclusion

The Russians are laughing; the Chinese are poised to invade, and Joe Biden has never denounced violence, while irritatingly, repeatedly, ignorantly claiming Donald Trump hasn’t. It’s a complete reversal of reality. I don’t blame anyone for being confused; it’s intentional.

Good luck searching! Try my blog, please, and don’t trust anything. I do try to confirm things, and I appreciate a reader every now and then!

I’ll leave you with a few hot tidbits. First, if you search for the phrase “nuzzi acknowledged she played a certain” in Google, the Redstate article where the quote comes from is nowhere to be found. But it’s the top result, as it should be, from the DuckDuckGo engine, which claims to not filter results in a predetermined way like Google. Google is complicit in hiding THIS:

Yes! A quote from Olivia Nuzzi, writer for the New York Magazine. She may be a nice person, but is a great example of someone who’s way off track. This is a person who’s proud to be a journalist. Read what she said!

And by now, if you’re still with me, you’re ready to party. No! Don’t! Fauci says you’ll kill your neighbor’s grandmother, you idiot!

But in Wuhan this is what they did New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve in Wuhan, China

This is a fact! These are published photos that are not hard to find if you just look a little harder. You missed the party. But hopefully now you know who’s the idiot, and it’s not you. It’s the creep Fauci, the bold bitch AOC and those who do their deeds.

I’ll leave comments on until or unless … an idiot ruins everything. Thanks for the question, and thanks to Quora for allowing us to speak freely.

Original question: Why do certain groups of republicans reject medical science? What would they gain by lying about COVID-19?


Mark Urso

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