Tomorrow, Wednesday January 20th, 2021 is a day that will be forever etched in US and world politics history , whatever happens – and the whole world will be watching. Either the Democrats will get away with fraudulently stealing the election with help from foreign interference and installing a child sniffing, tax raising, dementia riddled, elder abuse victim to one of the worlds most powerful positions – or Donald Trump and the military will finish swamp draining operations once and for all, ensuring the future of the Republic and giving hope to everybody in free nations worldwide.

The worst case scenario would be the inauguration of Creepy Joe and the Ho to the Whitehouse hot seat. The communist cuckold has already been threatening to undo the hard work done by Donald Trump and plans to immediately open the borders that Trump closed, inviting thousands of illegal immigrants with no ID, possible criminal records and possible infectious diseases into the country, as well as raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, opening the door to massive inflation, the closure of thousands of small businesses and higher unemployment rates.

Confused thicko Joseph Stealin' getting ready for, you know... the thing, on Juebulary 38th, 2021.
Confused thicko Joseph Stealin’ getting ready for, you know… the thing, on Juebulary 38th, 2021.

Without trying to scare anybody, it’s a very real possibility that Biden will waddle onto the stage, held up by his carer, Obummer, after talentless weirdo Lady Gaga is done punishing a crowd of nobody and take his throne as Dictator to the Divided States of Chimerica.

The compromised, anti-military prick currently has barricades set up around Washington D.C. that resemble 1980s Berlin, and over 25,000 national guard troops are also active. That is a lot of guards for an inauguration that will be virtual and have nobody in attendance – So what is the deal? What else could be going down?

In September 2018, Trump signed an Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. In June 2020 he tweeted “IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!” in reference to the election fraud that took place 5 months later. This isn’t the first time Trump has touched on voter fraud either. As a private citizen in 2012, he took to Twitter to discuss possibilities the vote for Obama may have been rigged. A man this prepared for voter fraud will not go down without a fight.

Trump tweeting about voter fraud in June 2020, before flea-riddled bearded soy boy, Jack Dorsey, removed him from the platform.
Trump tweeting about voter fraud in June 2020, before flea-riddled bearded soy boy, Jack Dorsey, removed him from the platform.

Another possible scenario is that Biden turns up for his inauguration and is put under military arrest, either immediately, or for comic value as he is about to take his Oath on stage. The Inauguration area  is under strict military control, with only authorised personnel allowed in. Once the head of the Biden Crime Family is inside of those checkpoints, he’s at the mercy of the military, which doesn’t bode well for the 78-year-old baby killer.

Considering the Inauguration’s guest list is a who’s who’s of corrupt fucks, including children’s glove collector Tom Hanks and attention-seeking- chick-with-a-dick Lady Gaga, we’d be forgiven for getting excited that shit may hit the fan before noon tomorrow.
Those following a collective group of people of which only 3 are non-military, will be aware that this setup is indicating it could well be everything we hope it is.

Members of the National Guard arrive in D.C. for Inauguration day
Members of the National Guard arrive in D.C. for Inauguration day

At the time of writing, Trump has still not conceded, and has only stated that there will be a transition of power – NOT a transition of power to the Biden administration. Could we see General Flynn, Christopher Miller or Pete Gaynor take the reigns of the Presidency under military control, until either Trump is re-instated at a later date, or another election is held?

Creepy Joe and his team are currently unraveling with paranoia.  The Biden transition team has suggested that a rogue member of the National Guard could be looking to assassinate Biden at the event, which has now seen members of the United States military being vetted by it’s future President (allegedly).  This is surprising, as Biden and his team were reluctant to allow the vetting of any voter ballots, yet here we are – the party who hates walls and voter ID have now constructed a wall and are checking ID’s.

Leader of the free world and Twitter king, President Donald J. Trump.
Leader of the free world and Twitter king, President Donald J. Trump.

It is also not uncommon for a President to take an inauguration in a private ceremony and then to repeat the oath in front of the cameras, with all the glitz and the glamour. An unlikely scenario, but still a distinct possibility all the same is that Trump and his team have proven election fraud via a military trial – since they were let down by the district courts, the supreme court and traitor Mike Pence at the electoral college count. In one of his final tweets before being nuked by Twitter facist, Jack Dorsey, Trump stated that he “will not be attending the inauguration on the 20th January”. Could he have been at another one, his own, on the 17th or another day, leaving the 20th free for the military to clean house while he sits comfy on Air Force 1 firing off EBS notifications?

Only certain personnel know what is going to go down tomorrow, that much is clear. We can come up with potential scenarios, but at the end of the day, God is in control and whatever will happen, will happen – The final battle is here, good vs evil, does Trump has a final hand to play? Enjoy the show.

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