The Liberal Mantra Mentality: Viral Buzzwords (Part 1)

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Language is a powerful tool. Without it we human beings cannot communicate. The political elites of the liberal left understand this much better than any other group in the world. They have learned that they can condition their followers using mantra mentality and viral buzzwords. 

I am going to address some of the most common starting with this column and in a series to follow.

‘BLM’ Viral Buzzword

The most used liberal viral buzzword in 2020 was not likely a ‘word’ at all. But an acronym.

An acronym and buzzword/buzzphrase of a powerful political party.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been chanted by protesters (i.e. rioters, looters, insurrectionists, arsonists, thieves, etc.), politicians, and the general public. It has been plastered on murals, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and billboards. Unless you are living under a rock somewhere in North Dakota then you’ve seen or heard it. And there is no escape.

But it’s a smokescreen. A colossal misnomer. BLM is NOT about protecting the welfare of ALL black lives. It’s a liberal mantra. A viral buzzword. Used as a weapon. Anyone who dares attempt to rebut those chanting such a virtuous slogan MUST be a ‘racist’ or better yet, a ‘white supremacist.’ Other viral buzzwords used synergistically with BLM.

The founders of BLM self identify as ‘trained Marxists.’ Their end game is Marxism, NOT the welfare of black lives. Therefore it is a great mirage. 

It’s unethical and immoral. But it’s clever. And it works!

BLM has replaced the previous race baiters of our distant past.  Remember when the ‘reverends’ Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would appear? The moment a person with high melanin count was physically apprehended or shot by police, the race baiting ministers would manifest, almost like Jesus (Acts 1:3). They would give speeches and ‘sermons’ as if they were the heir apparent of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And then they were gone. Like Jesus vanishing in a crowd (Luke 4:30).

But Sharpton and Jackson are old school. Nobody wants to hear speeches anymore.

The leftist elite have shoved aside the race baiting ‘pastors’ and have employed a much more effective mouthpiece.

Proselytized youngsters.

Many of these young adults come from wealthy homes and are being educated at Ivy League schools. They have been brainwashed to believe that since they have white skin they have the mark of Cain. Sort of reverse Mormonism if you will. Several have white skin with green, purple, and orange hair. These are modern day the Social Justice Warriors. There is strength in numbers.

BLM hoards appear in place of Sharpton and Jackson. They are taught that it is high time to tear stuff up, burn things down, get a new 70″ LG TV and possible a vintage pair of air Jordan’s. All in the name of ‘Social Justice.’

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Clever Slogan With Different End Game

Many of these ‘protesters’ do not even understand the end game of BLM. Like Pavlov’s dog they have been conditioned to believe that BLM is really standing for the welfare of all ‘Black Lives.’

If BLM were really and honestly for ALL Black Lives, they would be standing outside of every abortion mill in America chanting ‘Black Lives Matter.’ The single most responsible party for the death of black lives in America is Planned Parenthood. They would be in every gang infested neighborhood in America protesting gang and black on black crime.  

But BLM groupies are not in those places. And they won’t be. They have politicians bowing the knee to them. BLM is in essence its own political party.

Many liberal democratic politicians jumped on board the BLM train back in the summer of 2020. They didn’t miss the chance to create a photo op moment in their completely believable and authentic Kunta Kinte gear. (Insert sarcasm here)

Democratic Kunta Kinte BLM Buzzword

But this is all okay because another liberal viral buzzword is used to mask this issue of the number of black lives taken by abortion mills.


‘Choice’ Viral Buzzword

This one has been around much longer but is still used on a daily basis. But it has started to fade and the leftist elites have cleverly devised a new buzzword or phrase that tranquilizes more effectively. 

‘Reproductive Health.’

Since when is aborting/killing a human ‘reproductive health?’ This is the smokescreen used to justify the mass killing of innocent children in predominantly black neighborhoods across the country. Make no mistake, ‘reproductive health’ and ‘choice’ is a liberal mantra chanted by people who land on all parts of the melanin scale. 

Abortion mills were strategically placed in black neighborhoods by the founder of Planned Parenthood (another false but clever name) Margaret Sanger.

Sanger believed in eugenics and in ‘population control.’ But in particularly the ‘control’ of ridding those with black skin.

Sanger in fact was a known and unapologetic ‘racist.’

Planned Parenthood has denied this fact for years but recently just began admitting the cold hard truth. 

So leftists dodge the intentional and horrific murder of children in the womb by using viral buzzwords like ‘choice’ and ‘reproductive health.’

And it’s as though nearly no one stops to think that the very terms being used are nonsensical. It’s subtle reverse psychology. It’s semantical gymnastics. And those in the political middle and on the right have unilaterally fallen for such rhetoric without calling down the nonsense. 

Abortion is an idol of the democratic liberal left. And they have the conservative base stupefied by buzzwords like ‘reproductive health.’

‘The Rich’ Viral Buzzword

That’s right a simple word like ‘rich’ is a buzzword.

But ‘rich’ to the democratic left isn’t someone who makes $500k a year. It’s someone who makes $40, $50, even $60k annually. The ‘rich’ is democratic code for anyone who has a job or owns a small business and upholds their responsibilities. 

If you happen to be a capitalist and are pro free-market then you are considered ‘rich.’ And you are the enemy. But as with all labels there are exemptions.

Exemptions to being ‘rich’ include politicians, Hollywood elites, lobbyist, big tech, academia, and the media. Regardless of how much money they make, they have hearts and are deeply concerned for their fellow man. (Insert sarcasm here)

According to liberal logic the Hollywood elite are not ‘rich.’ Even though they tweet from their $1500 iPhone sitting in a Beverly Hills gated mansion. Or eat $100 gourmet ice cream while overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Those poor homeless folks down there on the streets of Frisco would be much better off if we could just give them heroin and needles along with a safe place to shoot up. (Insert sarcasm here) 

Hypocritical Lectures From The Left

Lectures from millionaires like Bernie Sanders about the ‘rich paying their fair share’ are exhausting.  Tiring for those of us that see Uncle Sam steal from us every time we look at a paystub or file taxes in April each year.

Bernie Sanders

The same Bernie Sanders whose annual salary is $174,000. How is it he became a millionaire again? 

And it seems that every 4 years for the past 100 Sanders is on the scene. He uses the same mantras and viral buzzwords without fail. I can’t help but wonder what Theodore Roosevelt thought of Sanders’ speeches on the Senate floor? Inquiring minds do want to know!  (Insert sarcasm here)

But Sanders isn’t ‘rich’ either. He holds the ‘rich’ exemption card. And he likes to use another infamous viral buzzword along the financial lines.

‘Income inequality!’

‘Income Inequality’ Viral Buzzword

This rhetoric simply boils down to being used when someone makes more money than the next person. And the poor unfortunate soul that brings home more dough is labeled as the anti-Christ by the liberal.

Hello reality!

The lie propagated by this liberal mantra is that the person making more money than the next is doing so because he is stealing from the other. Even though the other might not have a job. His job is absent because it was stolen. That is the mantra and logic from the liberal left.

It doesn’t matter that the lower income earner never lifted a pencil throughout high school while the evil higher income thief had a 4.0 GPA, was Summa Cum Laude, and Valedictorian of the class. He then went on to college obtaining both a Bachelors and Masters degree in astrophysics. 

But still, ‘income inequality.’ It’s another pathetic viral buzzword.

The recommended ‘cure’ for ‘income inequality’ is not to promote and push the lesser earner to learn a trade and work extremely hard. But the liberal cure is to tax the higher income earner so that money can be distributed to the other.

According to Merriam-Webster this is theft

And the liberal left will use terms like ‘fair share.’

It is truly nonsensical speech when compared with reality. But it’s clever and it works!

More Liberal Viral Buzzwords To Come

That’s just scratching the surface of the hundreds of viral buzzwords the liberal left will use. These are leftist mantras used to proselytize both young and old. 

And they are extremely effective. It’s about time some conservatives start calling foul on the liberal semantics and viral buzzwords. Don’t give them a pass. Call their bluff and challenge them on the semantics.

We must educate ourselves first.

Be on the lookout for Part 2 in this series of The Liberal Mantra Mentality: Viral Buzzwords.

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