All Hail the Media! God Save the Sheep!

Sleazy Young Salesman Offering Handshake In Office

State of the State

The Prince of Darkness has nestled himself into your home.

He canceled Christmas, after setting fire to random public property in all his glory. He announced his arrival with stones, fireworks and baseball bats, forcing his way into homes where he’d never be welcome. He set up a castle, hired help and immediately set sights on the biggest house on the block.

He’s a monster with many arms. The passionate and still mighty arms of his foes wrangle in darkness, each attached to smaller beasts, many of which would be needed to cast a light on the antagonist.

Today’s king is an unholy bastard who appears with long, flowing hair, as an attractive, chuckling woman, or sometimes a feeble but affable, nearly helpless thin old man; disguises to throw off the suspicious.

But he’s not a man with horns, as we’ve been led to believe. Beelzebub is an industry proudly made in America. He fashioned himself after the trustworthy, brave and free. And he turned language into confusion, with a corner office in a stable of media outlets, where he emits a foul stench and commands obedience.

All hail the spawn of Satan! He will expect you to conform if you haven’t already. His words will repeat infinitely, to instill pure torture on those who dare to think for themselves.

He partners with slave owners, hoping to increase their wealth and his own portfolio, as he aims to collect both cash and human souls. You will see him in the eyes of your friends and loved ones. They may look the same, but their words and actions will be controlled by hate, and they will fight to the death for the one who owns them.

He partners with mainstream media to change the perception of right vs. wrong in his mission to take over the world. But not everyone will listen, and some will turn to skepticism as that mission reveals itself.

It’s as if you can see the second coming of the Lord in the eyes of those who still hold pure and righteous faith in Him. As if you can see the dead walking; already know who’s been good, who’s bad, based on such simple concepts as human rights and freedom, subjects which we formerly understood, but which now mysteriously cause some to mumble, skirt, bellow and fight. They feel passion, but only of desperation.

The World is at War

The enemy is hiding in plain sight. We would be prudent to believe no-one without careful thought and big doses of doubt, though a person’s actions and spirit will tell us forever more than their words. Those who defy the devil will run a steady race, lose many battles, but have a certain future of ultimate victory, because they have a solid idea in their minds of what the world should be like. The Satan-loving radicals will continue to purge and insult their own homes and bodies of friends, while admitting they aren’t sure exactly why.

The orders come from somewhere else.

There’s a master plan.

In the dead of night, there are blackouts, a tool for the truly forlorn, thinking they’re casting intimidation and setting precedent for tyrannical leaders. But still, none have a real handle on why they do what they do. Many take cash; some benefit from social support, usually from a small group. Their problems, in the long run, will be a lack of unanimity and trustworthiness, apparent constant confusion, enormous holes in arguments they feel are valid, self-hypocrisy, self-hate, and something the freakish are constantly instilling as inevitable: pure exhaustion.

We will see confidence that has walls no stronger than a bubble; people suffering from an illusion who believe they are righteous. Ultimately, it’s not their fault, though they’ve become self-righteous instigators, albeit for a party they weren’t even invited to themselves. They will push forward until enough valid and true energy pushes back against them, and they will feel abandoned by their devil-leaders and picked on. Their choices are their history, and some price will be paid for every action and thought that’s purely anti-social.

This world will not burn. Those who light the fires think they’re small; those observing think it’s much more important. Those lying think their voices are never heard.

The ultimate battle lies in who has more confidence.

There are twice as many people in this world who’ve not succumbed to the devil’s wishes; who have studied and resisted, maintaining a confident self-understanding and a conviction to protect and preserve this world. Those who wish to preserve the world and live peacefully wish for a real antidote, and revel in sharing ideas, hoping sensibleness itself might be enough to turn despair to hope. In a way, this is how it’s done, one by one, face-to-face and with no barriers between us. But the tide is deep today, and the world has a political layer that’s heavily armed and aimed at not peace, but further damage and destruction.

It’s with a continuing sense of unity we can each, individually, maintain confidence.

There is Still Hope

The righteous will always feel the same shared passion, which will ultimately draw them together, even when torn apart; their passion will eventually tire the devil, who spends a good deal of time and energy doing useless things with no purpose other than to cause chaos. Under the umbrella of threats of nuclear war from Iran, China or Korea, the United States today stands as the world’s only remaining cathedral of hope. Our ministers have half gone rogue, and many are either hiding or pretending to be brainwashed.

The quiet is deadly. But will end, and when it does, life will spring again. The focus of life should not be human defects, imperfect history and bad deeds of a few. Because we have strength, a righteous and passionate person will not carve a bad vision of, or cut a divide into, his own society.

We are at a turning point.

I encourage everyone to browse (my) site, where you’ll surely find facts and many flavors of opinions, and even some great music. You might find a bit of spite, but it’s mostly just a never-ending attempt at humor, or at least an attempt to apply myself to current affairs with the correct hat on. We’re in this, together, if we choose to be.

Things will get better! Keep the faith!


Mark Urso

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