What Happens Next: Democratic Control and Conservative Action


Republican lawmakers seem dumbfounded by what they saw at the capitol yesterday. Nikki Haley says that they are meeting tonight to make sense of it all. She posted that she believes that Americans need to wake up but this is a sign that our lawmakers are letting us down, and people are fed up.

When people feel desperate enough to break into the capitol building to speak with lawmakers you know something is not working for them.

They knew that this would happen but they rammed through a vote for President Joe Biden anyway. Senator Ted Cruz led an effort to ensure the public that the US had a fair election. He wanted them to pause for ten days to give the public confidence that the correct candidate will be sworn in on January 20 via a forensic audit. He and other senators shared that many Americans believe that there was significant election fraud that could swing the election.

Taxation Without Representation

Congress decided to ignore the will of their constituents. US Citizens cannot have taxation without representation, that is how the American republic was birthed originally. People were pushed to a breaking point. This month, Congress voted to send American tax dollars out of the country to be purposed for gender studies in Pakistan, but can’t do a forensic audit to ensure that the election was secure?

Keep in mind they made this decision at a time when some Americans are sleeping in their cars because they are out of work from COVID. Unless you prove Biden won you can expect the civil unrest to continue. It is foolish to believe that these problems will disappear if left alone. The calls for unity would have gone a lot further if a serious effort was put forth to prove the legitimacy of the election.

Democratic Control of Government

This was an excellent vlog from Ben Shapiro, especially regarding the culture war. He addresses things that will change in a government with full Democratic control.

Unified Democratic control of government will of course lead to tax increases. The most important issue is the culture war that will ensue. The worst thing to come out of the Obama administration was the huge ideological shift to the radical left and Biden/Harris plans to continue that effort.

Culture War

In general, conservatives are nonconfrontational by nature. Most try to do what they can to live at peace with everyone. Those qualities are admirable, but when taken to an extreme they are very dangerous. Conservatives, in an effort not to offend anyone, are letting leftists push their cultural agenda without hindrance.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone

Romans 12:18

Conservatives need to learn to defend each other. In internet culture, the left jumps on conservatives like rabid dogs in online forums. If you see someone discussing policy decisions that are important to you. Don’t just lurk! Speak up! Join the conversation! Your freedoms are worth fighting for!

There needs to be a solidarity movement between classical liberals, conservatives, and people that still love basic freedoms. We cannot tolerate the cancel culture. People cannot be canceled or lose their lives over leftist nonsense. Religious freedom can’t be taken away. People need to stand in solidarity when the left tries to make baseless character assassinations.

These are basic freedoms that most Americans will agree we still want that will come under attack: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly

The Information War

Too often the right apologizes for offending anyone. The truth can be offensive at times, but people still need to hear it. Ben Shapiro is famous for saying that “facts don’t care about your feelings.” People need to learn to stand up for basic truths and humans rights.

Ben talks about how “politicians are not loyal to you they are loyal to themselves.” Google, Twitter, and Facebook are also loyal to the left. Conservatives and libertarians need to learn to share information from right-leaning media sources and support right-leaning businesses. It will probably feel weird and excessive sometimes but conservative media has to work 10 times harder to get information out to the public. On our site, we have shared information from both sides, and google is doing everything in its’ power to prevent that information from being found in searches. It is shocking how much censorship is going on with right-leaning media information.

Information from right-leaning sources is not allowed to be seen. Every effort is being made by big tech to silence conservative voices. Conservatives need to be the hands, feet, and mouthpiece of the truth. Get in a habit of sharing right-leaning sources.

Update Arizona Patriot

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2 years ago

Obama fans feel like they have been under siege by Trump and his fans for 4 years, and are fully relieved that Biden was elected, no matter if by fraud – which they choose not to believe happened anyway. They are cheering Twitter and FB for banning all things conservative. They basically cheer the death of opposition and free speech. They love that Biden programs will manipulate everything in a social justice way, damn the consequences. And there will be many consequences. Silencing 75 million people by force will not come out well.