Will Warnock Concede?


With the pivotal Georgia runoff elections slated to take place on January the 5th, Raphael Warnock is running behind.

You may remember from an earlier article that Warnock has been unable to meet campaign finance goals leading up to election day. As is the case when the odds are against potential candidates, Democratic donors just aren’t seeing the payoff in donating to Warnock. It seems they have decided to take their money elsewhere. With so much of our country’s future on the line in this special election, why is a win for Warnock so unlikely?

Does Not Support Military

Warnock is better known for his divisive views on important policy issues, many that conflict with the perspectives of Democrats and Republicans alike. As you can see in the video tweeted by Tom Cotton, Warnock doesn’t support our nation’s military.

To ask Americans to spend their tax dollars paying someone who doesn’t support the brave men and women who have taken an oath to defend our freedoms with their life is inexcusable. Senator Kelly Loeffler proudly represents the voices of over 60,000 soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines. Warnock hopes to take Loeffler’s seat and to misrepresent our troops in the Senate.


Warnock states in a sermon given to his Atlanta congregation that America needs to “repent for its worship of whiteness.”

People who resort to race-baiting shamelessly aggravate racial tensions by co-opting the actual pain felt by those subjected to slavery and Jim Crow era discrimination laws. They use the pain experienced by others for their own political self-interest. It should be noted that distasteful political tactics such as these aren’t limited to divisions based on skin color. Those who degrade their own credibility by resorting to race-baiting are often unprincipled enough to divide free peoples by other characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, social status, income, education level, occupation, you-name-it. If there is a way to divide people, Warnock and similar ilk have found it and used it as a way to turn “classes” of people into political pawns.

No doubt that America has the ugly scars of slavery and racism in its history. We should teach our children about this part of American history so that something so atrocious never happens again. All Americans have inherent insecurities about these events and their reflections in modern society. Warnock uses these insecurities against us as cultural blackmail much like the KGB used sexual misconduct and other misbehaviors against us during the cold war. Race-baiting and similar tactics are the weapons of America’s enemies. Anyone who uses this low form of political divisiveness deserves the distinctive honor of being #canceled.


Socialism, democratic socialism, and any other socialism taken a half-step further left on the political spectrum is Marxism. Karl Marx, the ideological namesake of this political philosophy, built the foundations of communism adopted by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Maoist China, and other now-defunct regimes. Loeffler gives Warnock the opportunity to denounce Marxism. Warnock doesn’t because he is a Marxist. Instead of denouncing it, Warnock doubles down on his Marxist philosophy and attacks Loeffler for helping the rich hide their money. This is right out of the Bernie Sanders playbook.

Warnock’s far-left ideology is on “full display.”

Anti-Religious Abortion Standpoint

Most traditional religious believers view elective abortions as immoral. Elective abortions are rooted in eugenics, which is the study of creating a more perfect human race through selective reproduction. Warnock works against religious groups and other pro-life advocates to ensure that taxpayer dollars go to organizations that provide elective abortions on expectant mothers. The people who propagate the lie that abortion is a right rather than a punishment for cultural or ideological misdeeds are creating what will be remembered as one of the greatest tragedies in human history.

Not Right For America

Raphael Warnock is expected to lose in this race for good reason. His viewpoints don’t match up with his traditionally conservative constituency or those of mainstream America. The question that remains is – Will he concede?

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