Standing in Unity Can Win the Presidential Election

Senator Ted Cruz Leads Electoral College Protest
Senator Ted Cruz Leads Electoral College Protest

When Senator Ted Cruz announced his intentions to object to the 2020 Presidential Electoral College vote on January 6th, responses were fast and furious. Both in support and in ridicule. Currently, 11 Senators and counting are on board with Cruz’s plans. Several Senators have condemned the effort.

Cruz’s demand is to pause the electoral college vote counting on January 6, 2021 for 10 days while an “Electoral Commission” conducts an emergency audit, looking into allegations and evidence of voter fraud in several key states. The State Legislatures would be given a chance to meet and select new electors or rescind their current ones, or both. After that delay, the Joint Session of Congress could reconvene and count the electoral college votes for President of the United States.

Responses Against

Senator Mitt Romney made his displeasure with Senator Cruz’s plans known on Facebook and was blasted by legions of commenters. Romney’s displeasure is centered around his perception of disenfranchising voters. We contend that with all the fraud that’s been found, voters are already disenfranchised, and we demand action to remove fraud from the election.

This response to Romney had 1000’s of likes: “I have lost all respect for you. I am embarrassed to have supported you. Time for you to change your party. We all know you are a RINO.” And, “What threatens our Constitutional Republic is massive voter/election fraud! Again you’re wrong Mitt.

CNN:The scattershot efforts to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory are coalescing into a movement led by top Republicans determined to exploit a manufactured crisis for broader political gains.” 

CNN, in our opinion, is basically the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, and so we read this as Democrats want to brush election fraud under the rug and get on with a Biden administration.

Senator Lindsey Graham has tweeted against Cruz’s plans saying that it is political theater and will won’t work. Our response to Lindsey… ok do you have a better plan? Or are you tossing in the towel?

Fox News Says “Congress set to certify Electoral College results despite GOP objections; here’s why”

“While the number of GOP objectors is likely to be substantial, they would have to have a simple majority in the House to successfully get through an objection – which would require the backing of every Republican and some Democrats who hold the House majority.

The same holds true in the Senate, and with only a dozen Republicans there looking to object state’s election results, being able to pass through an objection remains highly unlikely.”

In our opinion, Fox is technically correct – but the wildcard is VP Pence has lots of leeway in the electoral vote counting process, and can halt the vote for the pause Cruz is seeking. It’s not unreasonable, considering the absolute proof of widespread fraud and the subsequently millions of disenfranchised voters that have resulted.

Responses In Favor

The Epoch Times quotes Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows “Over 100 House Members Plan to Object to Electoral Votes“.

Sidney Powell has the right idea. It’s up to Pence to take a stand against the fraud in this election. He should not count votes from states with dueling electors. If he does count their votes, he should count the votes from the legislatures as prescribed in the constitution. The Governor and Secretary of State’s roles are to simply pass along the vote from the legislators.

It’s unclear what Pence plans are. He has wide leeway with handling the Electoral College voting process. The House of Representatives is expected to stymie any plans to reject Biden electors. Pence would need to affirmatively take action with his authority to bring a pause to the process for Cruz’s Election Commission plan.

Pence could also disqualify states that submitted dueling electors. The latter is the best course of action IMHO as it will put the election in the hands of the House of Representatives for final decision.

Congressman Mo Brooks Started the Objection Momentum
Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mo Brooks with Fox Anchor Maria Bartiromo

Although Rep. Jim Jordan makes valid points. He mentioned that Legislatures were unconstitutionally overruled by Secretaries of State to illegally extend voting windows. He mentioned that ballots were illegally “cured” in some counties and not in others. But, he does not give a clear battle plan for January 6th that would overturn the results.

Free and Fair Elections?

We have to wonder if the final results will bring about election reform where one person has one vote. Can the process be cleaned up so that it has integrity? No more posing. No more election hanky-panky. Do we, as citizens of the United States of America want our elections to continue down the path to ruin?

Fraud must be rooted out. We must respond in a unified voice. Governors, Secretaries of State, and Election Boards don’t have constitutional authority over elections – State Legislatures do. We will not have confidence in elections until the process is reformed and reliable. We have the technology. We must stand firm for what is just and right.

Call, email, and comment on social media to your Senators, Congressmen, and Governors. Both at the State and Federal Levels. We must fix this now.

Pence and the Joint Congress have the opportunity to stop the fraud now. Will they? Patriots DEMAND our leaders stand for Justice and fairness.

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