Government Spending Is A Disease With No Cure In Sight

Government Spending OTL
Government Spending OTL

The United States Congress passed a second COVID-19 relief spending bill last week. Another $900 billion that will need to be borrowed. Most of it will jet around the world to other countries while the American tax payer struggles. Wasteful Government spending is a disease with no cure in sight!

Excited Sheeple

$600 is what qualifying Americans will get. A measly $600.

Is this sufficient coverage for anyone who has been locked down for 9 months?

Of course it’s not but the human is an interesting creature. The thought of someone just giving us ‘free’ stuff is invigorating. Especially if it’s money. Who cares about government spending?

This is an inability to see the forest for the trees. If a government can successfully cause you to become dependent upon them for survival then the people will no longer have a voice. 

This is a tactic of totalitarianism. Even with a ‘conservative’ President and a majority Senate, government spending continues to rage out of control. President Trump didn’t believe that $600 was enough for the American people. He wanted to give more.  And still does.  

It’s Not Enough

No matter how much is doled out to the American people it cannot be be enough to make up for what has been lost from government lockdowns. A check in the name of ‘stimulus’ and ‘relief‘ will not reopen small businesses, stop increases in domestic violence, or end the ramped substance abuse. 

The funds can’t replace the education that has been lost. Let’s face reality here for a moment. Virtual learning doesn’t compare with in face to face. Couple that the copious amounts of children that just dart off the radar when virtual ‘learning’ is implemented. 

sporting activities that have been cancelled cannot be replaced. The discipline learned from sports is invaluable. All this does is drive us more towards socialism

$600 can’t get you through. It certainly cannot recover anyone after 9 months of hell. I discuss the pork filled bill and nonsensical government spending in this Podcast + Column

The Real Solution

It’s simple. End the lockdowns. End the overblown out of control Government Spending that Congress is absolutely infected with.

Vaccinate them!

Government spending is a disease that appears to infect every Congress man and woman that raises their right hand and is sworn in to public service.

And then they proceed to do exactly what they said they would not do. 

We need to stop giving public officials so much control when it comes to Government spending. They continue to give themselves raises and are funneled a paycheck every 2 weeks regardless of what’s happening in Rabbit Hash, KY.

To hell with those hillbillies. 

The Collapse Is Coming

Once the roller coaster gets to the top it slowly inches forward until it plummets from gravitational effect and the massive amount of weight behind it. Like Government spending, it is no different. 

Congress is delusional. Yes both those with R’s and D’s behind their names. Almost all of them, less a select few. The libertarian minded Senator out of Kentucky, Rand Paul is one of the few.

I bet he knows where Rabbit Hash is located. He may have even visited. Even shook the hand of the mayor

A mayor who happens to be a French bulldog named Wilbur. 

Wilbur is more fiscally conservative than most mayors across America!

Socialism In The Federal Reserve

In July of 2020 it became known that the United States Federal Reserve was going to enter in to the stock market. They have intervened to support markets in 2008 and 2020. 

This is not Tom Cruise ‘Risky Business’ but real American ‘Risky Business.’

Without getting into economic Wall Street speak I will just say that by doing this again the Federal Reserve will overshoot a threshold of buying equities. 

Welcome socialism. And it is being done by our Federal Reserve. 

Irresponsible Government Spending

When the founding fathers set up our governmental system, they didn’t create it to function how it is operating at present. 

Funding government with massive pork filled omnibus bills of 5,000+ pages pushed through in the middle of the night only to be handed over at 2:30pm to then be voted on at 6:00pm was not the intention.

This places power in the hands of a few in Congress. These types of outrageous bills was not the intentions of the framers. 

If Congress continues to live and work in Fantasy Land then the question of economic is will not be ‘How’ but ‘When?’

It may come by the time you get your next big fat stimulus check. Who knows?

Maybe next time Congress will throw in an “official Red Ryder carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.”

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