Dying FROM Is Not Equivalent To Dying WITH COVID-19


The Main Stream Media (AKA ‘Fake News‘) along with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would have us believe that a diagnosis with COVID-19 is a death sentence. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that dying FROM is not equivalent to dying WITH COVID-19!

CDC Covid Death Rates

It has been no secret that there have been reports of deaths attributed to COVID-19 that even non medical experts understand would not be applicable. For instance, the case of a Florida man who died in a motorcycle crash labeled as a ‘Coronavirus-19’ death.

No person in their right mind should apply this type of death to a CDC Covid death rate. And for a fellow medical colleague to even attempt that the crash could have been indirectly related to Covid is just downright dumb. 

This isn’t helped by the fact that Medicare reimbursements are better for those listed with a COVID-19 diagnosis. 

During the pandemic, we have seen death rates from heart disease and diabetes also increase. In New York City alone deaths from heart disease were up by 400%. Deaths with complications from diabetes are up by 356%.

Survivability rates for COVID-19 are difficult to calculate because of numerous factors. But they can be loosely theorized. For instance saying that there is a survival rate of 99.997% for ages 0-19 and 99.5% for ages 20-49 and so on. However, these can be hypothesized based on the number of positive cases, TRUE COVID-19 deaths, and the population demographics. 

Phony ‘Fact Checkers’

But when you attempt to mention these factors, the MSM goes berserk. The wonky independent ‘fact checkers’ come out like mosquitos in a Louisiana swamp. Politifact immediately ‘fact checked’ a tweet regarding survivability rates that was Tweeted by conservative blogger Emma Jimenez. 

They reached out to the CDC and spokeswoman Jasmine Reed. She was quick to point out that the CDC doesn’t publish survivability rates because they are ‘complex.’

You know what is not complex?

Being able to distinguish a motorcycle death from a COVID-19 death.

It’s not hard, I promise.

‘Follow The Science’

Let me be honest. As one who practices medicine and has been caring for COVID-19 patients for months, much of the ‘science’ and data we are given is arbitrary.

You keep hearing phrases like ‘follow the science’ or ‘listen to the doctors.’ This is ad nauseum. No one seems to mention that we should listen to those doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who have actually been treating COVID-19 patients.

NOT those who have retired from medicine and have not laid their hands on the first COVID-19 patient. This includes Dr. Fauci. 

Television doctors not practicing medicine or better yet actively treating COVID-19 patients should be muzzled. They are not doing those of us treating on the front lines any favors whatsoever. 

This includes ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden. Who has a philosophical doctorate and is not trained in the area of medicine. 

Has anyone informed Whoopi Goldberg of this yet? 

Arbitrary Data

The fact is that we are mostly following administrative protocols that are at best arbitrary and capricious. 

Remember these slogans?

  • “14 days to flatten the curve!”
  • “15 days to slow the spread!”
  • “There is no reason for Americans to be running around wearing masks!” ~Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • “Everyone should wear a mask.” ~Dr. Anthony Fauci

Got that? As clear as a mud bogging pit in Texas isn’t it? 

Yes, social distancing and hand washing are fine and can be helpful. But when real scientific evidence is put forward that shows contrary data to what is being arbitrarily propagated, then all of the sudden the mantra becomes “don’t follow the science?”

Is it any wonder why CDC Covid death rates cannot be trusted?

The Real Data

At the time of the writing of this article the COVID-19 CDC infection rate in California was 97 per 100 thousand.

covid state trend chart florida and california

That’s right, arguably the most restrictive state in the union when it comes to lockdowns, business closures, and masks mandates.

Compared to Florida which has been open for months. Florida has an infection rate of 45 per 100 thousand. (See chart above)

Nearly half the rate of California. This is astonishing!

Direct observation evidence showing that lockdowns and masks are as useless as a milk bucket under a bull. Those living in modern day Leftistan will attempt to argue the findings away by using excuses. 

We are not fools!

Hippocratic Oath

America is being brainwashed by the left. Sadly many medical professionals are in line and promoting leftist propaganda laced with half truths. They are very ‘selective’ in what ‘science’ they want to believe. 

This is no different than the climate change idolaters that treat ‘science’ like Trail Mix. They take out what they want and leaving what they detest.

At this point in the game we know that not every death is a COVID-19 death. And I will be the first to admit that there were some deaths early on in the pandemic that were not properly categorized as COVID-19.

But I will also be the first to say that there has been a massive number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 that just were not. Thus the CDC Covid death rate is far from accurate.

All of us who are practicing medical professionals took an Hippocratic Oath to perform ethics based medicine. 

In particular we repeated this phrase within the oath:

Above all. I must not play at God.”

Sadly, those in significant leadership positions in America are not holding up to that oath.

They are taking it one step further and attempting to ‘play God.’ 

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