A Battle Cry


It’s Time for Leadership

Hitler could have said, in the moment before he committed suicide, “Well, I won!”

That’s the kind of stubborn we’re dealing with right now in American politics.

That’s the kind of stubborn Donald Trump has been accused of being. And it’s the kind of stubborn he’ll need to continue to be, to fight the blatant criminal he’s solely face to face with.

If there’s anything Donald Trump was good at before he even became President, it’s being stubborn. Let his greatest skill become the asset that sets him apart from those swooned by promises and deals, traitors all.

There is, at this point, no way the current American political story could possibly continue without every action being historic and unprecedented. Drama is built-in. If you’re just tuning in, welcome!

There’s a lot to learn, catch up and keep up with. But this site and others like it can help!

But the battle strategy, so far, for the winners (that’s us), has been to lose, consistently. That’d throw you off if I don’t fill you in, how it works. We’re hoping for a final victory. It’ll happen, according to Bob Dylan, in his song “Idiot Wind” (and he won a Nobel Prize for this stuff), “in the end.” Thing is, we don’t know when that is, but it feels like it could be any time now!

President Donald Trump went to military school as a young man, then decided to take up battle in the business world. His Amazon profile tells us “Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, sports, and entertainment. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance. An accomplished author, Mr. Trump has authored over fifteen bestsellers and his first book, The Art of the Deal, is considered a business classic and one of the most successful business books of all time.”

Trump is a military thinker, a strategist at heart, and his titles are all about strength: “Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America” (2015) – “Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again!” (2011) – “Think like a Champion” (2017) – “The Art of the Deal,” and “Never Give Up” are among his books!

A Leader Should Have
Principles and Passion

“In the moment before he gives up” … I believe, does not exist for Donald Trump.

If the President of the United States were anyone BUT Donald Trump right now, he’d (or she’d) have been swept up by the lure of popularity, posing and dancing … writing books filled with self aggrandizing and lies … but they would have politely stepped down (or stopped fighting) long ago, probably months or years ago. Trump’s hole gets slowly deeper despite how hard he shovels, and today, shoveling apparently all alone, he still won’t stop. That’s not how you win!

Trump could have given up, and still have said “Well, I won!” many times. But that’s not his style. He has integrity, reinforced by clear, reliable principles.

If you’ve heard a nearly-hypnotized liberal who hates Trump compare him to Hitler, unfortunately they still lose. There’s no way to win when the opponent refuses to stop, and also has pride and integrity. There are holes shot in him, but he keeps on going. As dizzying and distracting as they make it, he stands up to the same promise he made on day one, to protect the citizens and the Constitution of the United States. If a liberal would contest that, he’d be spinning off the track on the first turn. Even if you want to compare him to the most stubborn, evil, vindictive, traitorous tyrant, Trump won’t be stopped by cowardly giving up, and if you back him into a corner, there won’t be millions of confused Germans at home wondering how things are going abroad … there’ll be 80-million American woke patriots standing right behind him. If it’s time, I’ll just brute force the comparison (to save time).

And Sometimes, Brute Force

Because that’s where we are! We’re here. In a place unprecedented. Going no-one knows where. Some of the scars will be permanent, and those lives lost will be absorbed into united sympathy in the future. But there will be no turning back, not with a brave citizenry, prepared to … well, that’s what we’ll find out. If you would like to make the most foolish comparison possible, Trump to Hitler, let’s say it out loud, put it on the table! Problem is, if you think it’s a valid comparison, then you’re ignoring a very big crowd that’s led by someone untouched by real corruption, filled with pride and ultimately stubborn when set to a principle. The question of winning is easy.

The real end, though, is starting to be unveiled, and by the end of January, we’ll know how it feels. Americans should expect harsh continued, unbridled and even inhuman treatment through lockdowns under the authority of Biden’s crew, which will have built-in Chinese representation (if that were to happen). The wheels would be fully moving toward unification with a Chinese government that’s even less trustworthy than the domestic swamp crew Biden currently answers to. It will become a situation where America answers to China, and the momentum is already getting strong.

The only man with principles in this game is Donald Trump.

He Sits Alone Against the Beast

We have no other choice. Trump, I believe, has done many things to help America. He has more layers of honesty and good will than Democrats have shown they have of treachery and deceit. He plays the game to win, but as with many games, you’ll lose some battles when aiming to win the entire war.

Between now and the next big change, which will be soon, sloppy Democrats will continue to be too casual, continue to show their true colors. A number of Biden followers will see a better narrative, but many will let the train of truth keep passing them by, like kittens who need to be taken care of, not needing to know how it’s done (the taking care). Already millions of Americans have woken to pay more attention, and this has been prompted by the sloppiness I mention, the casual letting go of clues and secrets, not caring because their fraud is so bulletproof.

Let’s see. I don’t think this screenplay is over quite yet.

[Cue rumbling thunder sounds and oboe … and out!]


Mark Urso

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