Cancel Culture and the 2020 Elections

time for truth in elections
time for truth in elections

Comments today from a Fox News reader:

“We SHOULD NOT believe all the Republican and Democrat JUDGES who have thrown over 50 election fraud cases out of court. We SHOULD NOT believe all the Republican and Democrat State election officials who have stated the elections in their states were fair. We SHOULD NOT believe all the recounts and audits in the states that have uncovered no fraud and no significant vote changes. WE SHOULD NOT BELIEVE THE ATTORNEY GENERAL. And now WE SHOULD NOT BELIEVE THE SUPREME COURT. We SHOULD BELIEVE Trump, Fox News, Hannity, Ingram, Carlson, Rudy, Matt Gaetz, OAN, Newsmax, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, the Russian Bots and all the others who keep screaming MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD only because THEY SAY So. Makes sense to me. And while you are believing those things, also believe that Democrats are all Socialists, the earth is FLAT and the Moon is made out of green cheese.”

Points well taken – but what the commenter failed to take into account:

1. Any Federal, State, or Local official who challenges the election process as it happened is putting a target on their back. Thanks to cancel culture, they can lose their job, their reputation, be subjected to threats, and bodily harm and may require police protection or go into hiding. The left-leaning media will assail them like a heat-seeking missile. The radical left zealots will dox them and do everything they can to harass them and ruin their lives.

2. For those few brave enough to stand up to election fraud, it’s more about free and fair elections than about Trump. Although with free and fair elections, every legal vote counted and illegal votes not counted, it’s very likely a Trump win by a landslide.

3. The ability to check voting machines is very limited. The people committing these crimes do not want investigators to see the actual evidence. They want to protect their “plausible deniability”. In none of the states in question have the ballot counting machines been allowed to be checked in a meaningful way.

4. Election tallies as they came in overnight post the election show statistically impossible swings for Biden in the overnight hours after ballot counting was supposedly halted. The commenter conveniently avoids getting into the details as does the mainstream media or the election officials wishing to protect their reputations and health.

What is happening on right leaning news outlets is that reporters are digging into the facts. What is happening on the left and with courts is a refusal to look into facts.

Conservatives are mostly law-abiding people who will avoid pain, roll-over, shrug it off, and carry own – or so the lefties think. Are they right? We are handing over the republic if that is so. It cannot exist with fraudulent elections.

Another Commenter Writes:

“Thanks to gutless G-men in DOJ/FBI, RINOS and their silent GOP comrades, obnoxious Lib-tard Dems…, Donald has been abandoned and is now alone in his fight for us. I have lost any respect for the “United” States. This once proud Republic is made up of mostly lying cheating SOBs and neutered chicken s***. China bought out the DC Swamp and won without firing a single bullet because of you cheating Lib-tard panzies! This Outlaw wants to dive back into RIP oblivion, but I’m stuck in this rotting swamp purgatory that is infested with corrupt G-men, oblivious “fake news” media propagandists, misguided SCOTUS justices, and demonic Dems!” –


In general, country is made up of those who want a good life and fairness to others- but we disagree on how to get there – even what a good life is. One side’s insiders are resorting to cheating to achieve their ends. That breaks the system. The other side won’t have it. And so we’re at a crisis.

Pain avoidance is what is ruling the day. The left-mafia knows that and is leveraging that to get their way. Does the right have leadership willing to stand up to the lies and defeat it? We know Trump will stand up. We’re not so sure about the other so-called conservatives. We need PATRIOTS.

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