Joe Biden’s Checkered History Of Plagiarism and Education Lies (PODCAST)

    Biden Plagiarism
    Biden Plagiarism

    Joe Biden’s Plagiarism And Lies

    Joe Biden is no stranger to lying. In fact I discussed that on the very first podcast I launched with OTL.

    He is also no stranger to running for POTUS. He was forced to drop out of the 1988 bid. That’s when there were real journalist. They done real investigative work. There was a credibility to those in the media. That’s long gone and we are essentially caught up with DNC operatives and ‘Fake News.’

    I cover the lies that Joe Biden was caught in during that 1987-88 campaign run. This includes ripping off speeches from both British and American politicians and lying about how smart he was and how many degrees he had.

    Swamp Card Carrier

    Joe Biden is not a ‘common man.’ He is a Washington swamp creature. Biden wouldn’t know what a real American job was even if had to work in one. 

    He is what I call a ‘lifer.’ Similar to criminals serving life behind bars, many DC politicians are also ‘lifers.’

    Joe Biden has a checkered history of plagiarism and education lies, but no one cares. He has a certified swamp creature card that cannot be penetrated or hacked. 

    Election 2020 Update

    In the podcast (above) I give a presidential election update. I run through some evidences with numbers presented at voter fraud hearings in Georgia along with an update from Nevada. 

    There is also some discussion on the Eric Swalwell (Rep-CA) Chinese spy news. It is possible he was sharing his campaign and his bed with a gal named Fang Fang. That’s right, the representative who sits on the House Intelligence Committee is wining and dining a Chinese spy.

    This is one of the many members of Congress who voted to impeach President Donald Trump on a phony Russian collusion charge yet he is quite possibly literally in bed with the Chinese. 

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