We officially have a contested election


This is great news for anyone who loves our Republic. Americans will get the opportunity over the next few weeks to further examine the evidence of fraud throughout the country. Just this morning there was a report released that indicated there was massive voter fraud in Michigan. Every voter needs to be assured that this was a fair election so it is important for these things to play out.

What happens if Donald Trump does not concede the election?

Professor Toto always explains things in such an upbeat way. This was a video from a view weeks back that explains what we are going through now.

You can also hear the same message from CNN a few weeks ago also.

On January 6 when congress opens the ballots to count the electoral votes, certain states are going to have two sets of electoral votes coming from swing states. This is a way that the constitution foresaw for an illegitimate election to be overturned. Vice President Pence will get the opportunity to decide how we will handle this matter.

The house of Representatives will choose the President but unlike their normal voting procedure, each state will only get one vote. The individual states have a Republican majority in the house even though there are more Democratic representatives. The Vice President will be chosen by the senate and they will choose Mike Pence. There is a very strong possibility that Donald Trump will be elected President for another four years.

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2 years ago

If you’re the praying type, pray. If you’re not the praying type, you better start. In the name of Jesus, pray for our country!