Dear Corona Bro: A Heartfelt Letter

man drinking a hot drink from a mug and listening music with headphones staying home to avoid COVID19 coronavirus

‘Dear Corona Bro’

Dear Corona Bro, Since you don’t own or work for a small business this letter is for you.   You may work for the government and have not missed a paycheck in the last 10 months. Or you may be on 100% disability or some other form of government assistance. I am not berating you for that but I am pointing out that you haven’t missed any income.   This is not the case for millions of Americans. MILLIONS!   So since you have propagated the “new normal” it is time to own that it is filled with starvation, depression, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, imprisonment, governmental spying, and pure desperation.   The disease looks preferable to many in the world you helped facilitate!   Sincerely, Non Corona Bro  

We Are Adults With Sovereign Rights

If you believe that staying inside 24/7 is the safest place for you and your family then good for you.  The virus is much more appealing considering the 98.6% survival rate. I’ll pass on the hermit life. I have a beautiful wife and 5 kids to provide for.

I am a free human being. If you want to stay home, then have at it. That’s your sovereign right to choose.

The ‘Fake News‘ media and pseudo science keep telling us that if we do not bow down to the mask gods then we are killing all of humanity.  As a professional with a license to practice medicine I choose to not be selective in the sketchy ‘science’ being propagated.

If you want to wear a mask when you eat, sleep, and venture to the bathroom, have at it. I’ll pass on the mask idolatry and pray to Jesus Christ instead!

I Refuse To Choose Poverty & Fear

I am not required to descend into poverty for you.

I am not required to avoid human interaction for you.

Many are allowing fear porn to overtake them. They are allowing despot hypocritical mayors and governors to lather them with ‘scientific data’ void of any real ‘science.’ This is destroying families and homes. If this is what you want, have at it. I’ll pass!

Constitutional Right

We have a constitutional right to take risks. The environment is full of viruses.

Always has been. Always will be.

Many of which spread before symptoms can even manifest.

I personally am not an anti-vaccine person. But I respect your right to be. We have a sovereign constitutional right to either receive or defer vaccinations. 

Inaccurate Data At Best

The ‘scientific’ data has been extremely lacking and very selective to intentionally overblow a situation to justify government actions.

I am 1000% sure of this!

It has also been an attempt to win an election by a political party that is desperate for power and to bring forth socialism

If that is what you want, move to Venezuela.  I’ll pass!

We Have A Right To Refuse

Both you and I should refuse the government to destroy:

  • Holidays
  • Small Businesses
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Religion (other than government and mask worship)
  • Even Funeral Services

Turn It Around

If anyone accuses you of putting lives ‘at risk’ just remind them that they put their life at risk every time they hop in a car, get on a bike, or go for a swim.

And when they tell me that I don’t care about others, here is how I will respond.

You don’t care about the people who will commit suicide because they lost their business or job and can no longer support themselves or their family.

All for the greater good of humanity, right?

You don’t care about those who will become victims of domestic abuse because of continued lockdowns.

You don’t care about people losing their homes because the bank has called the note on the mortgage and they can’t pay.

All for the greater good of humanity, right?

You don’t care about families unable to have adequate food in their home because they have lost their job or business because staying home is the humane thing to do.

You don’t care about those with addictive tendencies that now are back drinking or using drugs because they are depressed because they lost their job or business and feel helpless.

You don’t care about the exponential rise in crime that occurs with all economic downturn.

All for the greater good of humanity, right?

You don’t care about children who actually need public school for education and sadly in many cases just a place to get away from domestic abuse. Or a place for a hot meal.

You don’t care about the economy tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.  Your government check or pension is still coming. To hell with everyone else.

All for the greater good of humanity, right?

Enjoying The Home Arrest

The die hard Coron Bro love’s being told what to do. But only from ‘News’ outlets that roll out ‘expert’ doctors feeding you everything about COVID-19. 

And most of those ‘experts’ have yet to treat or lay their hands on the first patient with the virus.

All for the greater good, right?

You are pathetic. Yes, I said it. 1000% pathetic!

Pleading with government officials for more shutdowns, more regulations, more maskination, more social distancing, more government assistance.

I will not allow another single individual with liberal ideology berate and inform me that I am the one that does not care about others.

I care too much! I don’t want people to feel like prisoners that have been strapped with a life sentence because ‘it’s the right thing to do.’


Liberals Don’t Care

The stay at home love affair is liberal ideology.

You, Mr./Mrs. liberal are the one that doesn’t care.

So how about you stay home, wear your mask in your home, car, while you shower, etc.? You have every right to do so.

You live in fear. I won’t! It is my sovereign and constitutional right to refuse!

If you decide to come out, come on down to Florida. The sunshine is exhilarating and helps relieve depression.

Just bring some sunscreen.  It will provide much better protection than your mask!

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