Election Fraud Makes this a Turning Point for the USA

Election Fraud 2020
Fake vote 2020. Methodology for possible election fraud. Mail and regular voting

With so much evidence of election fraud coming in, this is clearly an attack on our Republic.  There are lots of foot soldiers in this war, attacking in numerous ways and places.  Sidney Powell on her own, and Trump’s legal team with Mayor Rudy Guiliani have exposed many of them.  The leftist democratic party press – NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and even (formerly) conservative Fox News, with the exception of a few of patriot reporters, is actively trying to suppress and hide what is really happening with election fraud.

Honest news networks, such as One American News (OAN) and Newsmax are quickly gaining traction as people seek out the truth. We also are in that battle, bringing you our take on the news from citizen reporters and patriots here on The Freedom First Press.

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly interviewed Ret. Army Colonel Philip Waldron, who is a cybersecurity expert and witness for the Trump legal team.  His team has studied the Dominion voting systems since August, and has joined with another team who has been investigating electronic voter fraud for 2 years. 

Waldron noted that votes should not be fractional – 1 vote or 1 million votes, you don’t divide votes fractionally.  One candidate would not get 2.9 votes and another 3.1 votes.  Each vote is a whole number, or should be.  Dominion has in some instances recorded fractional votes, which would tell us that a formula is being applied to unnaturally affect the vote count. 

The fact that thumb drives and removable media are part of the integral workings of Dominion systems makes them extremely vulnerable to hacking.  These machines have also been connected via network to the internet, which is also a big no-no. 

Impossible spikes in the numbers as you review the graph over time of when votes were counted… many witnesses who have given testimony and affidavits under oath that they observed election workers running the same batch of votes through the ballot counters multiple times.  Chain of custody of ballots being insecure and actively violated by election supervisors.  In Georgia, video tape shows after-hours counting of votes from cases pulled from underneath tables hidden from view during hours when witnesses were sent home.

There are literally too many of these instances of fraud to count, and they went on across the country – but especially in democratically controlled major cities where they could add large numbers of improper votes for Biden with plausibility.

When you sum this up, the integrity of our election system as it currently stands is in shambles.  It’s an embarrassment and it’s being fraudulently manipulated with impunity.  We didn’t have a real election; we had a fraudulent one. 

What will happen from here, in the next month, will determine whether we even have a country anymore with free and fair elections.  It certainly didn’t happen in this election.  And the media watchdog is complicit and active in hiding that fact from the American people. 

Patriots are fully aware that the election is being stolen.  That’s 70 million plus people.  There will be strong repercussions for the USA.  Will there be a constitutional crisis?  (there already is, actually) Will there be fighting and people dying over this?  Will we have a civil war?  Will patriots roll over and let the cheating lying by a few steal this election, and steal our freedom?

Will our supreme court allow this travesty to free and fair elections stand?

We have to ask ourselves, are we patriots? Or will we stand down and let the left steal this election and our freedom.  We love our legal system.  But so far, it’s being strained. Crony politicians are showing their colors. This is a turning point for our country, a major one.   Stay safe out there, and speak up and stand up for your rights. Don’t believe the lying leftist press. Seek out honest news. It’s literally now or never.

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