The Countless Victims of Government Lockdowns


Across the nation, countless victims of oppressive lockdown policies are crying out for help. Democrats aren’t listening. Americans are suffering from both the Covid-19 pandemic and the depressing situation that Democratic state and local government officials have put their citizens in. The people most impacted by this state-mandated pandemic of economic ruin, alcoholism, and suicide are the people who were living paycheck-to-paycheck before all of this started. 

If you live in a Democrat-run area, you don’t have to look very far to find people who have lost their jobs, their sense of purpose in life, and the hope that one day things will be better. Governors of New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon, and elsewhere continue to mercilessly ring the alarm bells of panic. They order American citizens to stop visiting family and friends, stay away from everyone you see, and lock yourself into your home with your children, and don’t come out until they tell you it’s safe.

We’ve shut down our schools, our businesses, and our lives since we learned about the spread of Covid-19.

Carol Graham, Senior Fellow and Research Director of the Brookings Institute says “the emotional costs of the pandemic are much higher for the poor and vulnerable than they are for the rich” in her recent study of the human costs of the pandemic. Republican leaders understood this dynamic from the outset and chose not to further exacerbate the already precarious situations of the poor.

Democratic leaders have access to the same set of facts. They were elected to their positions based on their compassion towards the same people they hurt the most. Recently, the same leaders telling people to stay in their homes were found dining at expensive restaurants and going to the hair salons they just shut down. The American people are left to ask themselves – “why the hypocrisy?”.

Most Democratic leaders are totally disconnected and uninterested in the lives of the people they claim to represent. They claim to have compassion about the issues of the poor so that they can co-opt the voices of the people they are supposed to defend. If Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, and Lori Lightfoot cared about the people hurt most by their tyrannical lockdown policies, they would follow the examples set by their Republican peers. If democratic governors listened to President Trump and followed the outstanding examples set by Governors Kristi Noem, Ron DeSantis, Henry McMaster, and others, the disastrous impacts of extended lockdown policies could have been avoided.

The lives lost to Covid-19 are too many, however, death rates due to the disease are falling according to Amanda D’Ambrosio of MedPage Today. All the while, suicide rates are rising and the children of the disadvantaged are falling behind in school. The American people need a chance to get their lives back. I hope the Democratic leaders who are leading this unnecessary assault on the already disadvantaged will soon find their way to a better path.

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