Masks and Lockdowns Don’t Work.


With the holidays coming up, mayors and governors around the country are tightening up restrictive measures meant to stop the spread of Covid-19. Advertisements on television and radio, in magazines, and on billboards, all parrot the same message “masks work”. As with most issues these days, widespread consensus means that the other side of the story has been silenced. Politicians and journalists on Twitter constantly remind us that we are stopping the spread of the virus by wearing masks. This constant messaging creates an informational “hall of mirrors” where everything looks the same, drowning out other perspectives. There is contradicting evidence out there.

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Showing Masks Don’t Work.

If you have friends and family members who are convinced that being near you without a mask this holiday season is an unnecessary risk, please share this with them. We are not medical experts, but the people who put these studies together are. They all have a recurring theme – masks don’t work. – This is a review article that has several links within to peer-reviewed studies along with the video I’ve posted below for your convenience.

Below are the articles linked in the show notes which were provided by mask supporter Dr. Johnson.……………………

Below articles were referenced by Dr. Rancourt.…………………

Lockdowns Cause Other, More Severe Problems.

Due to the lack of lockdowns in the past, there have been few studies. The World Health Organization does not recommend lockdowns as a mitigation strategy because the problems they tend to cause are worse than the impacts of the virus.

Ignoring Science.

The governors and mayors mandating masks and locking down the public are ignoring the advice of the WHO, and the data provided by the studies linked above. We encourage you to digest the information here and make your own decisions.

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