Kentucky Attorney General Sues Governor Over Executive Orders

Andy Beshear Daniel Cameron
Andy Beshear Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron, the Republican Kentucky Attorney General, has joined a lawsuit against Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

Cameron has joined the case with Danville Christian Academy who is suing the Democratic Governor for his recent ban on all K-12 schools both private and public to have in person learning.

United States Pandemic

The tyrannical self proclaimed kings across the country can’t stop with their thirst for power.  From Governor Gavin Newsom in California to Andrew Cuomo in New York to Beshear in Kentucky.  These Supreme Rulers get a taste of despotism and there is no turning back.

Much like C.S. Lewis’ character, Edgar, in ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’, they just can’t get enough of addictive Turkish Delight.

Cameron’s argument is a constitutional one. 

Literally the First One! 

The First Amendment right of being able to provide and receive a religious education. Especially from private institutions.  Institutions that essentially already exist because they do not feel as though children get appropriate education in the private sector to begin with.

Beshear’s Overreach

This executive order from ‘King’ Andy is just one of the many outrageous regulations he has continued to implement on Kentuckians.  Small businesses of all types have drastically suffered with many already completely out of business from the draconian rules.  It’s as though these despots do not care.

That’s just it!  They don’t care.  They continue to practice their religion of hypocrisy and illogical fallacies by determining what is ‘essential’ and what is not.

Beshear has placed these orders in spite of CDC recommendations stating clearly that children K-12 should be in school inside a classroom. 

All Business Is ‘Essential’

Let me be clear that ALL small businesses are ESSENTIAL…to the owners and their employees! 

Big government worshippers and partakers like Beshear understand that the more control the government can have the better off he and his swamp creature cohorts will be.  They could care less that the hairdresser down the street has been out of work for months.  They don’t care that she is a single mom and needs to work to make ends meet.  The ‘progressive’ way is to place her on a government charity welfare system. 

There is literally no better way to control someone than to control their income!

That’s how this works.  Create a scenario where the sky is literally falling. Like one where everyone will die if they leave their home.  You know, a scenario like COVID-19!

Then once we have officially scared the hell out of everyone with phony numbers and illegitimate reporting we can create another scenario that makes it look as though the wonderful government will take care of you and your children.  And you won’t have to spin that chair everyday.

Decades Long Playbook

This is the exact play the Democrats have tossed for decades to those in communities across the country labeled as ‘the hood’ or ‘the ghetto.’ Former NBA great, Charles Barkley said in 2015, “Black people have been voting for Democrats their whole life and they’re still poor.”

Now all of the sudden, the liberal left have seized an opportunity to leave the hood and venture into all areas of the country with a spin on that message.  COVID was perfect for the liberal left!

The Perfect Storm

It was a perfect storm to shut down small businesses.  It was perfect to have potentially created a massive mail in ballot stuffing fraud scheme to steal the 2020 election**.  It was perfect to keep everyone home unless of course you wanted to riot, loot, steal, or be a full time arsonist.

A perfect storm to create tyranny and despotism and to lord over citizens.  The progressive left have used fear porn to do it!

Government Lordship is nothing new for Gov. Beshear.  Senator Rand Paul (KY) said earlier this year that Beshear was ‘drunk with power’ and that Kentuckians were living under the ‘dictatorship of Beshear.’

Liberal KY Supreme Court

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of Beshear’s previous lockdown executive orders.  He was being sued by Northern Kentucky business owners that were forced to shut down or make drastic changes to their businesses that made it difficult for them to profit.  Cameron also joined them as the plaintiff on that case. 

As one who was born and raised in Kentucky with both undergraduate (Berea College) and graduate degrees (University of Kentucky) from academic institutions within the state I find it astounding that the Supreme Court of Kentucky has made its way into liberal la la land.  

That’s not Kentucky!  It’s certainly not the Kentucky I was brought up and educated in. But as we say, “‘Times they are a changin'”

Beshear’s Takeover

The main reason Beshear was able to defeat former Governor Matt Bevin was a tremendous backing from the teachers union.  Bevin was staunch in revamping the pension agreement that had been previously agreed upon by liberal lawmakers.  The plan was essentially financially impossible to uphold. It has become painstakingly obvious that the original drafters of the agreement had trouble with comprehending basic consumer math.  

But to no avail.  The union reigned supreme and Beshear was elected. 

Elections have consequences!

No In-Person Learning Anytime Soon

Now the entire state of Kentucky’s K-12 education is home based at least until January 4, 2021 unless Cameron can effectively change things by applying the REAL constitution. 

I’m not holding my breath. 

It appears that the sitting Gov. Andy Beshear and the Supreme Court of Kentucky have their own constitution they want to abide by.

**At the time of this writing there are numerous court cases in several states that are being litigated on the basis of widespread voter fraud which include the tampering with and use of illegal mail in ballots. I will update any specifics and of course be discussing the issues on the “On The LevelPODCAST regularly. 

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