If You Voted For Joe Biden You Better Own It

on the level own it
on the level own it




If you cast a legal vote for Joe Biden then so be it.  I want you to know that I don’t hate you.  In fact I am glad you exercised your American right to do so. Although it is looking more and more as though there was actually widespread voter fraud.  But that’s another story and time will tell. 

If you cast that vote for Biden and he does actually become the 46th President of the United States (POTUS), you had better own it for the next four years.

What do I mean by that?  Elections have consequences.  Some good.  Some not so good.  With a forty seven year track record in Washington, D.C., Joe Biden doesn’t even understand the definition of the ‘common man.’ He certainly has never heard of John Conlee

When Biden’s policies begin to be implemented and you see the influence from the radical and progressive left I don’t want to hear any complaints from that side of the fence. 

I Don’t Want To Hear…

 I don’t want to hear you complain about paying more taxes.  By promising to eliminate the Trump Tax Cuts this most assuredly will occur.  You will have less money in every paycheck.  The mantra lie about only raising taxes on those making $400,000 annually is complete and utter false when you axe the Trump Tax Cuts at the same time. That will affect everyone. You, me, us!   You better own it!  

Healthcare Costs

Don’t complain when your health insurance premiums continue to rise despite the promises to pay less.  Joe Biden was a part of the administration that rolled out the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).  It wasn’t cheap, it isn’t cheap, and nothing will change.  Another mantra talking point where nothing will be accomplished. For those of you who truly hoped you would have something cheaper with health care I am sorry you fell for it.  But you cast your vote for Biden/Harris.   You better own it!  

Climate Change

  Don’t complain when you bring home less on your paycheck because you’re being penalized for climate justice.  The sixteen TRILLION dollar price tag on the Green New Deal will only be passed off to all Americans.  And don’t hold your breath that anything will be accomplished.  When you’re working with pseudo science and complete theory don’t be surprised when nothing changes. The cost of the massive ‘Deal’ will fall on you, me, us!   You better own it!  

Illegal Immigrants

  Don’t complain when you lose your job because 15 million illegal immigrants suddenly become legal and your employer decides to hire one of them at a lower wage.   

$15 Minimum Wage   

Don’t complain when your job is out right eliminated because the minimum wage mandate is to high. Your employer can no longer afford to stay open because they run a small business with scant profit margins. This will make it difficult for employers to pay you or even continue to have your position.  That’s you, me, us!   You better own it!  

Jobs Shipped Away

Don’t complain when your automotive or industrial job is eliminated because its being shipped back to China or Mexico or (fill in the blank). This will be reminiscent of the Obama administration when jobs were flooding out of the country while illegal immigrants were flooding in. This outsourcing of jobs will affect all Americans.  That’s you, me, us!   You better own it!  

Interest Rates

 Don’t complain when interest rates double or even triple. Homes, automobiles, boats, and RV’s are not as affordable as they use to be. A rise in interest rates will have Americans thinking twice before they head off to purchase a new car or home.  This will affect all of us.  That’s you, me, us!   You better own it!  

401k Plummets

  Don’t complain when your stocks and 401k take a massive nose dive. With higher interest rates and job losses come decreased funds in your savings and retirement. Mr. Biden promises to protect your Medicare but fails to mention what happens to your real savings.  That’s less money in our elderly years for you, me, and us!   You better own it!  

Endless Foreign Wars

For someone who never served in the military, Joe Biden has always been quick to send our young men and women oversees to peddle in some silly war that we have no business being in.  It only benefits the swamp’s lobbyist friends in D.C. that have landed massive military contracts.  If there are no wars to meddle in then these lobbyist goons are not getting fat cat rich.

So we send more of our brave men and women to die for nonsense. We’ve done it for years.  It affects all of us who have served or are serving.  Those of us with friends and family who have served or are serving.  It affects you, me, us!

You better own it!

Unsafe Communities

Don’t complain when your otherwise safe communities become overran by crime and start to resemble cities like Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Baltimore.  When hoodlums are allowed to ransack communities without repercussions in the name of ‘Social Justice,’ we all lose.  You, me, us!   You better own it!  

Less Police Presence

Don’t complain when there’s no law enforcement to call when you are being or have been robbed or assaulted.  With the continued charges of ‘systemic racism’ within police departments across the country despite having zero evidence of such, you will continue to see more police officers retire early or simply quit and switch to a different profession.  you will see less numbers of young men and woman wanting to join police departments across the country.

Being called ‘racists’ and ‘pigs’ for simply wearing blue and wanting to stop crime is too much of dream in today’s ‘Social Justice Warrior’ world.  This affects all of our communities.  That’s you, me, us!   You better own it!

No Clergy

Don’t complain when you need a refuge and are searching a preacher to talk to and pray with but the Churches are closed! Closed because of continued persecution or the pushing of a ‘stay home’ order.    Many of us like the idea of having places of worship to seek out.  Especially since it is our First Amendment right to be able to assemble together and worship as we please.   A professing ‘Christian’ in the oval office who openly supports abortion and shutting down worship services is no friend of true believers of the freedom of religion.   

Gun Control

When the new administration makes a play for all of our legally owned weapons don’t look to me for support, safety, or compliance. I will be, along with MILLIONS of other Americans, be fighting to the death to defend my GOD GIVEN 2nd Amendment rights in order to have protection for myself and my family.

Beto O’Rourke can head back to the desert in Texas and pound sand the moment he starts chirping about confiscating our guns!

Own It

As an American I love you and you’re right to freedom just as I do mine. But if you voted for Joe Biden you obviously didn’t vote for  your paycheck, your future, your children or grandchildren’s future.   You voted your feelings. Unfortunately facts don’t care about your feelings.   So when the above issues begin to come to fruition please don’t complain.  In fact you have no right to do so.   Just do your part, be an adult, and own it!

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