Biased Election Reporting


In a prime example of the legacy media’s biased election reporting, CNN’s Brianna Keilar put out an almost 9 minute video critiquing Trump’s legal team and their efforts to prove fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.  She claimed CNN couldn’t show the team’s press conference because it was “bananas and full of BS”. It was quite a smug takedown, and it was meant for an audience who doesn’t know much about the facts.

Here are a few of Keilar’s Assertions:

  • Trump’s team made claims of fraud, but can’t prove it
  • The Trump legal team has been losing or dropping lawsuit after lawsuit after going to court in at least 9 key states.
  • Baseless lawsuits are a classic move for a “Trump on the ropes”.  Trump is trying to “screw the country out of the election outcome that it chose”.
  • That the Trump legal team is made up of dubious and discredited lawyers
  • That “no amount of dust” that Trumps team can “kick up” is going to change the election results.

The Freedom First Press watched Rudy Guiliani and his legal team’s press conference as well. We think Brianna Keilar should report on these things from the press conference – but she won’t.

  • Trump’s team has received 100’s a signed and notarized affidavits from poll workers and election observers from many states whose sworn statements detail their being witness to many acts of election fraud.  More are coming in.
  • Most of the election fraud lawsuits that have been taken out are by other people, not the Trump legal team.
  • The software used in the voting machines originated in company founded in Venezuela by a company called Smartmatic.  US election votes were tabulated and processed in Spain by a foreign company.  Eric Coomer, Dominion Voting Systems VP has made vile social media posts demonstrating a hatred for Trump, and was referred to in Antifa communications as having fixed the election so Trump would not win.
  • Vote counts were paused on election night in battleground states with Trump comfortably ahead. Unexplained votes came into those vote tabulating systems en-mass at around 3am, just enough to switch the winner in key states from Trump to Biden. 
  • Paper votes with perfect oval markings for Biden were read into Dominion voting machines over and over, according to sworn witnesses.  
  • Republican poll watchers were denied their legal right to witness votes as they were counted in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.
  • Back-dating of mail-in ballots
  • Election boards that gave instructions to poll workers to not validate signatures on mail-in ballots
  • Several polling locations in the Detroit area received 100% – 300% of registered voter participation in the election. (That’s not possible.)

CNN and Brianna Keilar represent corporate legacy media and have consistently reported negatively on anything Donald Trump since the 2016 election.  Many times CNN has been 100% behind false allegations against President Trump. The Russian collusion story comes to mind, as does Nick Sandmann, who they mercilessly slandered and then were forced to settle with out of court for millions of $.   We believe this will be another time when truth in the light of day will be too bright for their biased reporting attempts to hide it from you, the American people. 

CNN is far from alone with biased election reporting. NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and lately even Fox News along with countless left-leaning websites and media companies have reported news from their corporate overlord’s viewpoint for years. And, they often hide the truth. This is news now, because it is extraordinary and our freedom is being threatened by it.

Free and fair elections are the fundamental basis of our republic.  Cheating in largely democratically controlled cities has gone on unchecked for much too long.  We must not allow it to continue, or confidence in our elections will be completely eroded, and we as a country and as the brightest star of freedom will falter. 

The CNN Article is here:

Ballots Counted Outside the USA by Smartmatic

Heavy: Article about Eric Coomer, VP of Dominion Voting Systems (Used by many States to record ballots.)

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