Winners & Losers Of The 2020 United States Presidential Election

On The Level Election winners and losers
On The Level Election winners and losers with Shawn Waugh

Shawn Waugh from On The Level: Where Spin Meets Sanitycovers the winners and losers thus far of the 2020 Presidential Election.

From losers such as Fox news to winners like The Daily Wire with the announcement of the addition of Candace Owens to their lineup you just might agree to disagree on this non exhaustive list. Take a listen and visit the website to find links to other articles and Podcasts as well as articles from contributors you read here at Freedom First Press.

Always ask yourself a pertinent question when you are fed information. Is that true? Be honest in answering that question and find different yet multiple sources to verify your final answer.

And remember, you can help the fools, but you can’t help the damned fools!

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