Trudeau Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

12.07.2018. BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. Press conference of Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada during NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) SUMMIT 2018. "

It’s a reset, and it’s worldwide, supported by many countries including the US and Canada, and it’s being done now because Coronavirus is convenient.

So put your best thinking caps on, and put the pieces together. There is no more mystery around all the havoc and chaos. It’s intentional.

From Rebecca Lee (@rlee7995)

Justin Pierre James Trudeau is a Canadian politician who has served as the 23rd prime minister of Canada since 2015 and has been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2013.

Trudeau wants to use the pandemic as “an opportunity to accelerate pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”

The only possible problems I can see are funding the economic challenges, as previous proposals by US Democrats took aim at an already-unmanageable federal deficit with a trillions-of-dollars package; also, inequality is probably best addressed by doing less, not more, as the closer we scrutinize the poor, the more they identify as poor; and climate change is an unproven concept worthy of investment only to attempt to disprove it (similar to black holes).

It’s nice to see he’s admitting the pandemic is an opportunity.

What a world!

And it is one world, complete with scattered asses, peppered with hypocrisy and what we’ve come to dearly refer to as virtue signaling, a tactic used best by those who have no actual good ideas.

How did they get to be the decision-makers?  How are they all connected intellectually, with similar ideals? Has anyone considered if Russia and China are going to go for the new world order?

What we have on our hands is a brewing world war.


Mark Urso

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