What To Expect From A Biden Presidency (Part 3)

Biden Presidency Part 3
Biden Presidency Part 3

This is Part 3 of 3 in the series of posts concerning what we are to expect from a Joe Biden Presidency.  

You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.  

Let’s get on with the list.

Religious Freedom Less ‘Free’

It’s no secret the liberal left hates religion.  They hate Jesus, Buddha, Allah, the many gods of Hinduism and Mormonism and so on.

They hate religion with one exception.  The idol worship of Big Government!

The left have used the pandemic as an excuse to move forth with banning worship in synagogues, churches, wards, temples, mosques, and even drive in services.  From California to New York, Democratic governors have stopped at nothing to halt worship.

Just ask Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community church in Los Angeles.  Gov. Gavin Newsome has made it his priority to attack this large church. 

By no means can you show up to pray and gather with other fellow believers in a calm quaint and peaceful religious service.  However, it was perfectly fine with the liberal left for social justice worshipers to gather with their fellow believers to riot, loot, steal, murder, and burn down communities.

This will not stop with a Biden administration.  It will move forward putting a boot on the back of the neck of religious freedom.  Especially for evangelical Christians and Jews.

That’s you…me…us!

I hope I’m wrong!  

Iran Deal Revisited

In May of 2018, President Donald Trump backed out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Better know to you and I as the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran Deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.

Donald Trump

The deal provided much to the ayatollah and very little to the United States.  The agreement was backed by former President Barack Obama with Joe Biden the sitting Vice President.   

Remember the ‘bags of cash‘ being flown to the Iranian regime in the middle of the night?     

Money likely to have been given so that the Iranian government could continue manufacturing a nuclear weapon and supporting terrorist organizations like the Hezzbollah.   

Trump also has placed heavy sanctions on Iran. This makes it more difficult for that regime to continue to fund terrorism throughout the world on the scale that it has in the past.   

A simple formula.  Iran has less money, they have less to aid in terrorism. Joe Biden most assuredly will boomerang back to aiding worldwide terrorism.  Ironically giving to those that shout, ‘Death to America!’ 

Talk about spitting in the wind?    More cash siphoned from the American taxpayer.  That’s you…me…us!  

I hope I’m wrong!

Back In The Paris Accord

Speaking of religion.  I failed to mention Americas most popular denomination.

‘Climate Change!’

President Trump also pulled us out of the financial racket also known as the ‘Paris Agreement.’

This was another financial burden being placed on the American tax payer while all the while the numerous other countries who had signed to the deal were paying nothing in comparison.

Keeping coal and manufacturing jobs in America was President Trump’s primary concern. The climate change worshippers believe that even the word ‘oil’ is sinful.  Trump kept those jobs in America and we became completely dependent on our OWN energy. 

President Trump thankfully pulled us out of this agreement. Joe Biden will sign America back up to this disaster.  I am sorry for those in Pennsylvania who voted to have more jobless citizens in their state.

Diving back into this disaster will guarantee more money coming from you…me…us!

I hope I’m wrong!

World Health Organization 

The World Health Organization (WHO) is supposedly a world humanitarian outlet to help aid in several different forms. From helping feed the hungry, to providing for victims of natural disasters, and also with guidance in pandemics like Ebola and the coronavirus. 

It all sounds good on paper.  But that is essentially all that it is.  The WHO is severely dependent on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  They turn a blind eye to the oppression the CCP places on its people and the actual widespread racism practiced by the regime.  There are literally concentration camps in China where those who openly practice their religion are placed because they do not bow the knee to the CCP. The WHO’s failure to address such wretchedness along with poor guidance for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic was the last straw for President Trump. 

But, money can buy almost anything.  The CCP certainly views it that way!

America has also been a cash cow for the WHO and what have we received in return?  Much like the Paris Agreement, the American tax payer has been placed on the hook for funneling millions of dollars to the WHO.  

President Trump announced that we were pulling out of the WHO and is to officially take place in July 2021. 

If Joe Biden were to take the White House, this move would be redirected and once again the American taxpayer will continue to be depleted of hard working capital. That’s you…me…us!

I hope I’m wrong!  I hope this 3 part series has been informative and has helped you understand what we as Americans should expect from a Joe Biden presidency.  There are certainly scores more of issues I could add to this list.   I attempted to highlight the most significant.   I will certainly be addressing these on upcoming Podcast episodes so don’t hesitate to check those out. 

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