What To Expect From A Biden Presidency

United States Capitol Building at night, Washington, DC

The 2020 Presidential Election has came and went. It is almost certain that Joe Biden (D) is going to be the president elect moving into 2021. So what should Americans expect from a Joe Biden presidency after having 4 years of current President Donald J. Trump? 

An Elated China

There is likely no single person more ecstatic in the entire world than  Xi Jinping. 

Xi Jinping

Xi is the communist leader of China.  President Trump did not play nice with China and performed well  by putting more political and economic pressure on the Communistic regime.  This brought manufacturing jobs back to America and put more money in the bank for American corporations.  This further helped them by hiring more people and making it possible to increase wages.

Expect more American money to venture back to China.  This is directly from the Obama/Biden playbook.  It won’t change.

I hope I’m wrong!

Bye Bye Trump Tax Cuts

If you followed the political primaries at all you know that one of the mantras of Joe Biden went something like this, “I am going to raise taxes only on those making more than $400,000 a year.”

This is a smoke screen because Biden also said the very first thing he would do is write an executive order to “eliminate the Trump tax cuts.”  By eliminating these tax cuts he will essentially raise taxes on every single working American regardless of how much they make annually. 

All working Americans will see less money on each paycheck if Biden follows through with this promise fooling his entire voting base. 

Energy & Fuel Cost Will Soar

Biden is a supporter of the Green New Deal.  In fact his Vice Presidential pick, Kamala Harris, was a co-sponsor of the plan.  The plan is also heavily backed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I) and New York  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D).

Green New Deal

 The plan has a price tag of upwards of sixteen trillion dollars.

That’s a ‘T’ in Trillion.

Implementing some of the plans would cause Americans to once again become dependent on foreign oil and resources for energy.  This plus the outrageous cost of attempting ‘green’ energy will only be passed off to the consumers.  That’s me…you…us!

Expect gas prices to once again creep well above the $3 mark.  At one point during the Obama administration we were pushing $5 a gallon gasoline prices.  Don’t be surprised if we get there again.  With increase in fuel prices also comes the secondary increase in goods and services.  Companies and manufacturers always pass the excess cost in fuel and energy along to their consumer.  That’s me…you…us!

I hope I’m wrong! 

Americans will also see this rise in their electric bills each month. 

BLM & ANTIFA Won’t Stop Rioting

BLM riot

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA will not stop their march towards Marxism and Anarchy.

The BLM manifesto is classic Marxist.  The co-founders of the movement self identify as ‘trained Marxist.’  Joe Biden doesn’t openly say he is a Marxist.  To be fair, nothing in his 47 years of being in the D.C. swamp resembles Marxism.  But also to be fair, Biden is mentally slipping.  I honestly don’t believe he could explain the key characteristics of Marxism. Maybe he never could but that’s another discussion.  The Democratic party has members that are card carrying Marxist.  This cannot be said for the Republican or Libertarian party.  This makes the Democratic platform the easiest path for BLM to continue with their agenda.

The moment the Biden administration doesn’t bow to the Marxist gods, they riot in the streets, loot businesses, burn buildings, and pull down statues. That’s their playbook.  ‘Don’t give us what we want, we tear stuff up.’

ANTIFA act as the little brother of BLM.  They claim to be ‘anti-fascist’ but by actions, deeds, and creeds are actually fascist.  Go figure!

When given the signal from big bro, they follow them all over the country causing a path of destruction.  This will continue.

I hope I’m wrong!

National Defense Weakened

In a meager attempt to pay for the Green New Deal and the multiple other programs of ‘FREE,’ the Biden administration will take from the defense budget.  The budget that President Trump had built back getting the military back in a position where they could actually defend our country. 

This also is a play directly from the Obama/Biden playbook.  When that duo took over in 2008 the decimation of the military began and continued through 2016.  All the while keeping us as a country involved in multiple meaningless wars all over the world. 

This will cause our military to once again be weak and make us as a country vulnerable to outside enemies.

I hope I’m wrong!

**Be on the lookout for Part 2 as I continue this list on what we should expect from a Joe Biden Presidency.

Shawn Waugh

Shawn is the founder of ‘On The Level’. Contributor to the Daily Caller and a practicing Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery. He is married to Jade and they have 5 children. He also hosts a weekly Christian radio program on Grace Life Radio called ‘Word For America’.

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