How to Get Smarter in One Easy Step

Aug 18, 2020, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Illustration of American Presidential Election 2020 showing Republican president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence with Democrat Joe Biden, Kamala Harris.

How to Get Smarter in One Easy Step
You Already Know How This Goes!

Your child comes home from school, crying; she exclaims “They kicked us out! The rules say they can’t!”

After the initial shock, you delve in, finding out there was a contest at school, and the other side cheated!

All of this serves up layers of possible lessons to spin! What bad people, thinking only of themselves, jeopardizing the whole process; they’re not confident enough to win fairly!

The scenario is easy to see and deal with!

And so it is also, in current news!

America’s election process has been rigged.

I don’t recall anywhere, during the young girl’s dilemma, feeling like I should spite her, blame the child for complaining that she lost, when, after all, she came in very emotional with no evidence! Those thoughts never crossed my mind! Instead, I thought, “What! Tell me more!”

If the shameful press gave the fair side of current events by asking the MOST OBVIOUS questions, they’d be taking an enormous step in the right direction. Instead, they’re fully involved in mud and stench; finger-pointing, blatant lying, misdirection and hypocrisy, and with no parents in sight!

There’s no double standard in what I’m saying. The President of the United States shouldn’t be told to “put on his big boy pants,” any more than your child should be. It’s exactly parallel (conceptually). Unfair play took place. Everyone, the entire administration and every observer, all vested parties, are interested and should wonder if future events should be expected to be consistently spoiled, making them essentially worthless (to be kind).

One of the areas of best traction so far for President Trump’s legal team, examining and uncovering wrongdoing alleged in many states this week for the big election, is a case claiming interference with poll watchers in Pennsylvania; Twitter is flooded with testimony showing shady things at polls, and the official complaint is in full play. They literally “kicked us out, and the rules say they can’t!”

While the media has found it important to distract by discussing angles and details that avoid the actual story; for example a USA Today headline uses its household-name reputation and zillions of eyeballs to zoom in on this: Fact check: Trump ballots were not thrown out as claimed by fake poll worker. Now forgive me, but that’s just stupid. There’s no-where to comment on the USA Today site (as it is with all the major news sites), so my only audience is you, and I appreciate your understanding! They took one thing they could find a little flaw with, out of dozens and dozens of allegations of fraud (many on video), and fact-checked the darned thing to make a legit-looking news article out of it. Congratulations, your intelligence has just been insulted (yet again)!

But wait! There’s more! The story these imbeciles devised evaporates as soon as you touch it! Do you think the USA Today story headlined “Fact check: Trump ballots were not thrown out as claimed by fake poll worker” debunks the claim that ballots were thrown out? Nope. It debunks that the person who was quoted, the guy who admits he threw out the ballots, wasn’t a poll worker. Yea. That’s what we thought you meant.

Debunking isn’t fun in the first place; now they’re making it disappointing! Here’s what we get:


Not a real poll worker

Erie County officials denied the allegation, stating @omg_seabass, also known as Sebastian Machado per the Instagram bio, is not a poll worker, official employee or resident of Erie County.

“The person making the statements does not work in any way with Erie County or have any part of Erie County’s election process. In fact, the individual is not a registered voter and is not believed to be a resident of Erie County, Pa.,” said Carl J. Anderson III, the chair of Erie County’s Board of Elections, in a press statement released Tuesday.


After careful scrutiny of known facts from all available sources, I conclude Joe Biden is unfit to be President of the United States, is the bad guy at school, ruining the whole game and blaming the other side, and President Trump will continue to be President for another four years; alleged voter fraud will begin to be seen within days by null-minded news-sheep; the fraud will include clear lawbreaking, and, finally, when the President is truthfully reestablished beyond doubt, somehow we’ll all, as a nation, be better for all of it.

Kids, the truth is being hidden very poorly! This is not the end of anything good, but could be the beginning of something great!


Mark Urso

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