Replacing Fake News

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Informed Americans across the country and people around the world are beginning to operate under the assumption that if something is broadcasted over a major American media network then it must be at least partially false. The major news networks in our country egregiously misrepresent the truth by either suppressing important news stories or reporting blatantly false information.

The consequences of being isolated from the truth are many. In North Korea, Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Jonestown Guyana, and anywhere else a ruling elite want to control a mass of people, disinformation is the primary tool. In each of these examples, the ruling elite was able to exercise control over its subjects not only by constantly feeding them lies, but also by never telling them the truth. For example, although we know very little about the people of North Korea we understand that their views about their country’s history are not entirely based on fact. Similar to the false history that was promulgated in Maoist China, we have our own revisionist history texts like the 1619 Project. Much like the disinformation campaigns of Soviet era Russia, we have uniquely Americananized untruths such as the existence of more than two genders, critical race theory, and the perverse notion that our children should be able to ruin their lives with horomone supression.

The difference between all of the other situations and what we are experiencing in the United States is that we supposedly aren’t ruled by the people feeding us false information. In fact, we believe the situation to be quite the opposite. We believe that by having the ability to choose where we get our information and thereby supporting only those organizations we patronize, we avoid being controlled. On an individual level, I believe this is true. If you are reading this article as originally published I assume you didn’t find it on CNN.

On a societal level, I am afraid that the influence of multi-billion-dollar media corporations is currently inescapable. There are simply too many people obtaining all of their information from cable news companies. The sheer volume of disinformation leaves no room for the truth. We, as an alternative media source don’t have the resources to compete right now with cable news, or with what Jeremy Boreing at has called the “Legacy Media”. Our goal at The Freedom First Press is to displace the “Legacy Media”. Most Americans understand that we are getting an altered or incomplete version of reality from the mainstream media. We shouldn’t trust them anymore. They’re lying.

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