Trump Biden Debate, Belmont U, Full Review

NEW YORK, USA, JUN 17, 2020: Silhouette of republican candidate Donald Trump and democratic candidate Joe Biden. 2020 United States presidential election. US vote, Concept photo for November 3, 2020

NASHVILLE, TN – There were actual players, saying honest things without cheap shots. The US Presidential debate went well tonight!

Who won? Not sure, but Biden did well, relatively speaking. I’d have to say Trump won, because he simply doesn’t keep repeating things, understands business, is sympathetic to patriotism and supports law and order, some of which subjects were not discussed tonight. But Trump was confident, and lowered his posture to any degree needed to keep everything cool. He breaks new ground in public impression-making every time he speaks. He learns quickly.

But is he the best man for the job?

I think, unquestionably, yes. To say Joe Biden did well tonight, just because he didn’t appear to be half-asleep, is still a very big problem. To know Kamala Harris, on at least three occasions, has fallen victim to people (including herself) fumbling describing the nature of her ticket, as if she’s going to be President, is still a very big problem. And the problem is NOT what’s happening, what’s being said and not said … the problem is the whole group is untrustworthy, an opinion of mine that feels heavy as cement when I watch both Biden and Harris (or Harris and Biden) … refuse to answer questions!

This should be a normal part of campaigning, making promises, clearing up your positions and making sure the public understands you precisely. Instead, both Harris and Biden have, in public, intentionally blatantly refused to answer questions. It’s unprecedented and unacceptable, so clear and easy to see it won’t get overlooked by the majority of voters, no matter how much they want to vote by scanned headline logic, memes, rumors and negative emotion. Add an ongoing and very real scandal that puts Biden himself in the crosshairs of serious allegations, which is happening now … and the soup is still spinning, decisively, in the same direction.

I’m glad Joe is healthy and showing his teeth a little; I prefer a race that has two mostly-lucid candidates!

The best man for the job, in my opinion, is still, and I don’t think it will change, though I’ll try to stay in the middle … Donald Trump.

Tonight Trump explained the US has a good relationship with North Korea. The President mentioned important distinctions he has to his name, distinctions that can be overlooked. Seen any new major wars lately? Well, many of us haven’t seen any, ever, in person! Maybe that’s why most Americans aren’t completely shocked by the absolute mess international relations is always described as. It’s not just normal, it’s not even news all the wars America is constantly involved with! Americans probably assume it’s necessary. But notice the hard-to-notice fact that Trump has not started any new wars, while being honored by world leaders for bringing peace.

On-the-job performance is Donald Trump’s strongest suit.

But Biden skipped feeling good when Trump said he has a good relationship with North Korea, a nuclear-capable ally (or foe). Biden energetically promised “North Korea is a problem!” It makes me feel like rhetoric, over many repetitions over many years, just becomes “the way it is.” Donald Trump feels refreshingly forthright and sincere, but also is backed up by his four Nobel Peace Prize nominations and single-term record on the issues.

There’s an important player in the scene,  Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea. I’d rather Trump talk with him. During tonight’s debate, Biden called Kim a “thug.” Biden admitted a meeting with Kim, when Biden was VP, was called off because, as Trump put it “Kim didn’t like Obama and refused.” Trump closed the topic saying “Having a good relationship with other countries is a good thing.”

Generally, Biden was within gentlemanly bounds regarding showing respect, dropping only one slight, calling Trump “this guy.” Early in the evening, Biden dropped an “injecting bleach” reference (which Trump has previously explained was a joke), but the night was generally carried on with due respect all around. The moderator did the unthinkable, not making herself the focus of the story. She seemed, to my casual eye, fair enough; I didn’t have any problems with her. Others may count timers and responses. I won’t.

There was repetition, the same old stuff about Pelosi dancing in the streets in San Francisco at the beginning of Coronavirus, dumb old attack jargon like “who’s responsible” for Coronavirus, but it didn’t dominate this time.

My notes remind me that Donald Trump was “putting sentences together brilliantly!” I wrote to myself “Biden is holding his own, but has an empty ammo belt.” At about 9:30 PM, 15 minutes in … it got fun.

Trump: “Joe got 3 1/2 million from Russia from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife! Someday you’re going to have to explain. I don’t get any money from Russia.” Trump said Russia wants him (Trump) to lose. Trump told Biden “I think you have to clean it up and talk to the American people.”

Then the headline came from Joe Biden. “I’ve not taken a single penny from any country whatsoever, ever,” adding “My son has not made money in terms of … China. The only one that made money from China is this one.” (Trump)

Trump countered “His son, as soon as he became VP … Burisma – I hear they paid him 183 thousand a month.”

Biden: “There’s NO BASIS for that – no-one said anything he did was wrong in Ukraine.”

This moment alone made the debate worth watching! Nothing fluffy here!

It ended with Trump lashing back on what looks like a Democrat diversion, a claim that Trump has a bank account in China. As trivial as it sounds, Trump turned it around like a sword: “I have many bank accounts and they’re all listed and they’re all over the place. That one was in 2013, closed in 2015 – I decided not to do it. I had an account open, then I closed it. Unlike him, I then decided to run for President. I closed it before I even ran for President. They’re getting rich, they’re like a vacuum cleaner!”

The mics were never muted during this debate, as had been part of an earlier plan. The demeanor was acceptable, I think, from all angles. The most boring item of debate was a non-debatable one, Coronavirus, which felt like repetition and time-wasting, as it was actually a designated topic.

The question (speculative about COVID) was not a bad one: “Would you make China pay?” But Biden didn’t answer it. I found it peculiar that he suddenly looked and sounded like a politician, speaking in circles with great conviction. Credit to him, this was in contrast to his generally decent handling of an off-the-cuff evening.

Biden, for no reason, starting into “your family, community college, middle class families”but the topic was China trade. The bane of the Democrats will be their thinking Americans care for time-wasting, when we’ve waited so long just to hear something that makes sense. It was going better until this diversion of emotion. Trump jumped on the opportunity, smartly accusing Biden of being a “typical politician.” Trump said about himself “I’m not a typical politician!” accusing Biden of using worn out rhetoric: “Let’s get off the subject; let’s talk about sitting around the table!” It was a very smart move for the President, intuitive, aggressive, and, frankly, spot on.

This debate didn’t disappoint for content! Let’s keep going!

Obamacare? Sure!

Trump: “We want to terminate Obamacare … but if we can’t it’ll be better-run.” He explained he has eliminated the program’s “individual mandate,” which required people to PAY if they chose NOT to use the national plan, and said “Without the individual mandate it will be much better,” insisting “we’ll always protect people with preexisting [conditions].” Trump then accused Biden of wanting to “terminate 180 million plans.”

The moderator turned to Biden, describing Biden’s plan while handing off the question, as “building on Obamacare.” Biden said he’ll create “BidenCare,” and talked about creating competition for insurance companies. Biden said “Medicare will be able to negotiate drug prices with insurance companies.” and “I support private insurance – not one single person on private insurance will lose their insurance under my plan.”

The conclusion of the health care debate was a let down:
Biden: “He (Trump) hasn’t done a thing [about healthcare.]”
Trump: “He was there for 47 years, he didn’t do it.”

Then on to Coronavirus Relief.

The bill that’s stagnant is called the “Heroes Act.” Biden complained it’s been delayed, which is not news. It’s worth sharing Trump’s explanation, which does not shed a good light on the Democratic leadership. Trump said “the bill was a bailout of democrat cities and states – billions of dollars, to get money to people who come into our country illegally – everyone will start pouring into our country, we can’t do it – it was a big bailout for badly run cities and states.” This is important because it’s become consistent for (House Speaker) Pelosi to use an unsavory tactic; she hid abortion language in an earlier Covid bill. The media didn’t explain, and it effectively made it look like Trump was being stingy, when he was just reading the bill. Well, now she’s doing it again, using a Covid bill to surreptitiously get approval for unrelated issues. It’s refreshing to see this actually being explained to the general public.

The best moments of the night were off-the-cuff and real. At about 10:15 (EST), an hour in, jumping out of context, we hear Trump with “Don’t give me this stuff about how you’re an innocent baby … laptop from hell!”

Biden interrupts the moderator – “I have to respond to that!”

Biden told Trump the laptop is a Russian plant, which he knows from “five former heads of the CIA.” This was an attempted end run, an evasive action, against what Giuliani says every day! If you’re paying attention, you might be thinking (like me), this is a bunch of garbage! The Russian lullaby of the Democrats is a worn out song!

Trump: “The laptop is now another Russia hoax? This is where he’s going? You have to be kidding! Here we go away with Russia! I can’t believe that one!” This is an easy 100 points for Trump! A moment, truly, for history books! If hard drive evidence continues to grow as it has, against Biden’s whole family, it could be an irrecoverable blow to the Democrat ticket, possibly leaving an opening for a Presidential candidacy. Hold on to your hats (and laptops)!

A sign of a bad election campaign on Biden’s part, I declare the best answer I’ve ever heard from Biden, tonight, regarding the next topic, a much talked-about “crime bill,” described tonight by Trump as putting “thousands of black men in jail” (“oh man!” comes from Biden), when Biden outright, without hesitation said it was “a mistake.” Biden sounded honest, awake and not argumentative; it was clear and easy to understand. I wish, though, this were the norm, not an exception.

Biden described how he now he feels people should be going into treatment, not jail. He said he “set up funds but it never got set up,” adding “They were not in the crime bill, it was a mistake to pass those laws.”

As I wrap this all up … this debate was, frankly, at times, riveting!

It was informative, though I’m not sure if it was a dealbreaker for anyone. There was no discussion of Antifa, polls, election outcomes, election tampering (presently), BLM or violence.

It was well-moderated, I think. The candidates were both alive, interested, awake and involved, which has not been the case for months, with Biden tripping over his own shadow too many times in public. It’s good to hear honesty and forthright, clear, discussion, from both candidates. And while this year’s activity in politics goes much deeper, I feel we dug in with more depth tonight than the world had come to expect.

Thanks for indulging me! I hope I ran through what you need to know!

God Bless America!


Mark Urso

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