Kyle Rittenhouse: The New Nick Sandmann


Do you remember Nick Sandmann?  

CNN and the Washington Post (WAPO) certainly do.  

In January 2020 CNN reached an undisclosed settlement with the former Covington Catholic High School (Kentucky) student.  Sandmann had sued for $275 MILLION for defamation after the network falsely portrayed his actions at a March For Life rally in Washington, D.C. in January 2019.

The WAPO settled with Sandmann in July 2020 after he had sued that organization for $250 MILLION. 

At this point in time Gannett, NBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone wish they didn’t know the kid from Kentucky. 

Why?  Because they are up next on the Sandmann legal docket.


His crime?  He donned a red MAGA hat at the March For Life rally.

He would have been safer if he would have just thrown on a Dolly Parton wig, a Nordstrom bodycon dress, 3 inch Jimmy Choo’s, and lathered up with Revlon. 

But he decided to go with the MAGA topper.  After all, the devil wears Prada.

That’s right.  The American sombrero that has become the universal sign of evil, hatred, white supremacy, racism, and the forked tongued pitch fork toting Satan himself.

Sandmann, then a 17 year old high student at the Northern Kentucky based Catholic School, was the subject of a social media frenzy that falsely portrayed him as an instigator of a man called Nathan Phillips. 

Phillips was in Washington at the same time in 2019 attending the Indigenous Peoples March.

Washington D.C. has a plethora of marches if you haven’t figured that out just yet.

Nick Sandmann Nathan Phillips Encounter

After the complete video surfaced proving that the exact opposite had occurred, the Main Stream Media (MSM) once again were playing the court jester for the Democratic party.  The cat that ate the canary scenario.  

The 65 million dollar question is just how much did Nick Sandmann acquire in the settlement?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Regardless, we know he is now a wealthy young man.  And deservedly so.  He and his family have been put through hell with the false accusations that were attributed to him.

Let’s be honest.  Sandmann was a target by the left leaning liberal media for the sole crime of wearing that red hat. 

Oh, I almost forgot! You can throw in a secondary charge for the ‘pro-life’ stance!

Enter Jacob Blake

Fast forward to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jacob Blake was shot by law enforcement for resisting arrest and physically fighting the police. After this incident there was uprising in the streets of the small North American town.

Rioting cloaked in the name of ‘peaceful protesting’ is nothing new for the establishments of  Black Lives Matter (BLM), Anti-Fascist (ANTIFA), and the Main Stream Media (MSM).

You can commit any crime you so desire. You can get liquored up and pass out in a fast food drive thru.  You can resist arrest. You can even attempt to kill the police because after all, they deserve it!

This is fueled by the MSM and celebrity cult leaders like LeBron James who make statements like “We are literally hunted.”  Meaning that young black men are being ‘hunted’ by white cops on a daily basis.

Of course the BLM Grand Wizard has zero evidence to back up that Tweet. In fact the real data depicts otherwise.  But he doesn’t care.  The MSM doesn’t care. It’s effective to the cultish followers who drink the Kool-Aid without question. 

“Mmmmm, that’s good!  Can I have some more please? Can you sprinkle in some Marxism, Socialism, and Communism with the next dip of the ladle?”

The left has propagated such nonsense that there is now an expectancy to resist arrest and fight the police at every turn.

Breaking the law doesn’t seem to factor in to these scenarios.  They seem to justify stealing, robbing, looting, and rioting in the name of ‘reparations.’

Absolute lunacy!

After you have defied the police and have been neutralized there will be hordes of 19 year-old wealthy white kids with purple and green hair coming out in the form of the pesky Cicada seen every 17 years in the Eastern United States. They destroy everything in their path without discrepancy. 

The criminals are touted as hero’s, martyrs, and trail blazers. Sadly, this is a realism in today’s America. 

It happened in Kenosha, WI on August 23, 2020. Jacob Blake was shot in the back 7 times and left partially paralyzed. The case is still under investigation.  

Why?  How on earth is there a case?  Wasn’t a black man shot in the back by a police officer 7 times? The police officers responsible for this must have been racist. End of discussion.  Crucify the police! 

As with the Nick Sandmann case the MSM has failed to provide appropriate details and context to the entire situation.  The consequences of such action does nothing more but probe the hornets nest.

What the MSM is leaving out of the details is that the police had come to a residence after being called by a female who had pressed sexual assault charges against Blake.  He wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. 

He then physically fought with police and retreated to his vehicle.  This is when he was shot.  Initial police witness reports state that Blake was reaching for something inside the car where a knife was later found. We will learn more as the investigation unfolds.

Enter Kyle Rittenhouse

But this story is about Kyle Rittenhouse. 

Like Nick Sandmann, the 17 year old Antioch, Illinois resident became the center of another social media storm after being accused of fatally shooting 2 protesters and wounding a third. This was in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake incident.

Once the police shot a black man, the protesters came out in masses. Like hyenas on the Serengeti after the lion has just made a fresh kill of a wildebeest, they come in droves. They proclaim ‘injustice’ before learning any facts.  

As has been the pattern of the MSM with many ‘news’ stories, they commonly produce their own ‘facts’ to push a narrative. They often take liberties as if they were Margaret Mitchell penning ‘Gone With the Wind.’ 

The political organizations of BLM and ANTIFA are even worse. They will simply write fiction. They are 1000% politically motivated. They are opportunists. Attempting to push their Marxist and Anarchist agendas while camouflaging it with a philanthropic mindset.

Rioting was almost instantaneous in Kenosha. Similar to what already had happened in PortlandSeattle, and Minneapolis where the sharks came in to feast after sensing blood in the water.

Rittenhouse’s Crime

Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha helping to protect businesses from being vandalized, burned, and looted.  He is seen here expressing that sentiment to the Daily Caller. 

As the night unfolded Rittenhouse was involved in 3 shootings where he shot and killed 2 individuals and wounded a third. 

Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself

Rittenhouse was immediately charged by the District Attorney (DA) in Kenosha, WI.  Without a formal investigation.

Uh Oh!

Isn’t that a prosecution faux paux?  Not if you’re pandering to the thuggery of BLM and ANTIFA.

The DA was acting as though he were Pontius Pilot and just needed to give the crowd someone to suit their needs. And they weren’t about to have Barabbas

The MSM media also came out with its prosecution as well. They weren’t about to pay any attention to the facts leading up to the incident.  

They needed and wanted a Nick Sandmann (Minus the CNN and WAPO settlement).

Kyle Rittenhouse made it easy on them.  And like a shiny spinning lure passing in front of the starved largemouth bass, the MSM swallowed it.


The Media Jury

The first charge was that Rittenhouse had taken a fire arm across state lines. Rittenhouse’s legal team quickly squashed this but it didn’t seem to deter the jury in the media

The next charge placed on Rittenhouse by the MSM was that he belonged to a ‘White Supremacist’ group.  Heard that before?

It runs in the same circles as ‘racism’ and ‘impeachment.’  Terms that are so flippantly and frequently being used out of context that we are becoming numb (if not already) to the true meaning. 

So far there is not a shred of evidence to back that up. But the MSM does not care. Democratic Presidential candidate and member of the Washington D.C. Canasta & Pinochle Club, Joe Biden, weighed in with his verdict on Rittenhouse repeating the MSM mantra of ‘White Supremacy.’  He also linked Rittenhouse to ‘extreme right-wing groups.’ Again there is not one iota of evidence at this time to confirm that statement.

The Atlantic news outlet (and I write that term very loosely) made a quick unilaterally jury verdict stating that Rittenhouse committed homicide and was ‘wildly firing a rifle’

Since then, the defense for Rittenhouse has released an 11 minute video which they say shows Rittenhouse acted in self defense.

The video appears to show that both deceased victims Joseph Rosenbaum, age 36, and Anthony Huber, age 26, were chasing Rittenhouse. Rosenbaum is seen throwing an object at Rittenhouse while Huber is noted hitting the 17 year old over the head with a skateboard.  

A third surviving victim, Gaige Grosskreutz, age 26, was then seen with a hand gun pointed at Rittenhouse as he approached.  Grosskreutz appears to put his hands in the air as though surrendering. Rittenhouse dropped the barrel of the gun leaving Grosskreutz a small window of opportunity to attack. He leaped forward towards Rittenhouse.  But not fast enough before the 17 year-old raised the rifle and squeezed off a round that took out the right biceps of the phony quitter.

A friend of Grosskreutz, Jacob Marshall, wrote this on Twitter , “I just talked to Gaige Grosskreutz too. His only regret was not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into him.”

The sympathies from the left have been numerous.  This in spite of the trickling evidence and now video that tends to show a much different picture that what has been painted by the MSM, BLM, and ANTIFA. 

The DA in Kenosha has not charged Grosskreutz with any crime at this point.

Another charge placed on Rittenhouse from the left is that he traveled a long distance with the active ‘White Supremacist’ group to Kenosha to engage in criminal activity.   

His home is about a 20 minute commute in Antioch, IL.  Rittenhouse actually  worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard. He also helped others remove graffiti from a high school in Kenosha earlier during the day of the incident.   

As previously mentioned, Rittenhouse is on record stating his purpose and mission that night in Kenosha. It was to protect and not to destroy. 

Kenosha Riots Courtesy Daily Caller

That cannot be said for the ‘peaceful protesters.’ I certainly acknowledge that there have been many protesters that have truly been peaceful.  But any person or ‘news’ entity touting the universal peacefulness are simply solidifying the ‘fake news’ label when doing so. There have been clear agitators and those that have had purposeful intent to vandalize, loot, and destroy. 

What’s Next For Rittenhouse?

This is undoubtedly going to be a prolonged case because of so many variables.  Currently there is even an issue of extradition. Rittenhouse is currently being held in his home state of Illinois.  One of the lead attorneys for Rittenhouse has resigned because of personal financial issues.  

At this time there have already been enough unproven and unverified claims written about Kyle Rittenhouse. His legal team may already be drumming up lawsuits for defamation similar to that of Nick Sandmann.  Certainly this is secondary since he has been charged with homicide. In light of the new video evidence this may have been a bit premature of the Kenosha DA.

But what is a DA to do in the face of the BLM and ANTIFA mob?

Stand up?  Say no?  Heaven forbid! 

If there is a successful defense then you can bet that as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow that Kyle Rittenhouse will end up a very wealthy adult.

Just like Nick Sandmann!

Shawn Waugh

This article was originally published by Shawn Waugh at – and can be found at the link here

Shawn is the founder of ‘OnTheLevel’ He is a practicing Physician Assistant. He is married to Jade and they have 5 children. He also host a weekly radio program on Grace Life Radio called ‘Word For America’.

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